THANK YOU FOR JOINING US to celebrate healthy lifestyles and those inspiring us towards living well at the 2019 Desert Health Wellness Awards.

This year’s event took place Wednesday, May 22, at the newly renovated S at Rancho Mirage, and over 250 took part in the festive evening.

We were proud to feature two dynamic speakers: best-selling author and health advocate Mimi Kirk and Palm Springs integrative doctor William Grimm, DO. At 80 years young, Kirk shared insights on longevity through lifestyle choices while Dr. Grimm, whose medical office includes two naturopathic doctors, discussed the balance of nature and medicine and the future of primary care.

Chef Erick outdid himself with a bounty of gourmet choices for every nutritional lifestyle including Paleo, Mediterranean, vegetarian, and raw cuisine in honor of our renowned guest speaker. The food was exceptional!

This year’s honored nominees included a growing group of integrative practitioners, fitness leaders, businesses making a difference, non-profits enriching lives, and young people helping peers and working towards change.

Some of our favorite traditions returned including the complimentary farmer’s market and Desert Health® tote to carry all your goodies home.

The Wellness Awards were created in 2014 as an extension of Desert Health®’s mission to encourage healthy lifestyle choices and to recognize those moving health and wellness forward in our community. In five years, over 150 individuals, businesses and health care practitioners have been nominated.

The Wellness Awards proudly benefit Coachella Valley Volunteers in Medicine, the valley’s only no-charge medical clinic, and the Human Health Initiative which aims to provide advanced curriculum on nutrition, movement and stress management to all schools throughout the country.

Download our Official Program to see a list of this year’s finalists and all nominees.

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