Wanderlust’s Wellspring: Transformative

Transformative. It’s the word I’ve heard most from those who attended Wellspring, the mind-body-spirit think tank produced by Wanderlust and held at the Palm Springs Convention Center last October. With over 150 influential speakers, yoga, meditation and fitness classes, and an array of spaces to experience products and practices, the event was overwhelmingly wonderful. Wanderlust’s… Read more »

The Desert Health® Wellness Awards honor people and organizations in the Coachella Valley moving health and wellness forward and creating a positive impact on the well-being of our community. Due to an overwhelming response, 2019 nominations closed early on February 15. All nominees will be featured in the March/April issue of Desert Health. For the… Read more »

Celebrating Mother Earth

In this shiny New Year, we take a look at our relationship with nature. When was the last time you enjoyed the great outdoors, went camping or strolled on the beach? In today’s society, we’ve done a good job of isolating ourselves from Mother Earth, and it seems to be harming our health. So with… Read more »

Take the Call: Your Voice and Your Health Matter

In the coming months, you may get a phone call asking you to participate in a health survey. This may be the sort of thing that you normally politely decline, but this isn’t just any survey. It’s the Coachella Valley Community Health Survey, and it’s essential to improving health in our region. Below are some… Read more »

Maintaining Quality Of Life with Tinnitus

It is estimated that 50 million Americans suffer from a tinnitus disorder, a ringing or buzzing in the ear.1 Most patients describe the perceived noise as a persistent, chronic, annoying and sometimes debilitating buzzing, ringing, static or high-pitched sound in the ear(s) or head. However, current tinnitus research now defines tinnitus as a disorder involving… Read more »

Colon Cancer: Prevention is Key

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the U.S. behind lung cancer. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), the lifetime risk of developing colorectal cancer is about 1 in 22 (4.49%) for men and 1 in 24 (4.15%) for women.  And while colorectal cancer rates have dropped overall, the numbers… Read more »

Another Reason to Exercise: Your Memory

January is usually a time of renewed commitment to improving one’s health. Diet and exercise are at the top of the list. While we know that exercise helps strengthen bones and muscles, reduces stress and the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, there’s another reason: physical activity benefits the brain. According to Jonathan Graff-Radford, M.D.… Read more »

Shay: New Year, New Day, Set New Goals

Each year, as December 31st approaches, people start talking about goals, especially fitness-related ones. I feel everyone has the best intentions, including myself, to lose the weight, eat clean, or detox. I like to sit down with my cancer Warriors and have a goal-intention setting night. After cancer, your body has the innate ability to… Read more »

What Does Snoring Have To Do With My Eyes?

The eyelids protect and maintain the health of our visual system. They lubricate our eyes bathing tears over the surfaces of our globes countless times a day. The tears provide nutrients, oxygen, disease-fighting antibodies, protective mucus and oils that are all key to the health of our eyes. At times, a person’s eyelids may become… Read more »

The Paradigm Shift in Medicine Today

Getting Into Zen

Is it a coincidence that the words Zen and Zone are so similar? There must be a reason that when human beings do what we love at our highest level of proficiency, we are also at peace and experience fulfillment. There is clear evidence that our thoughts often get in the way of our flow.… Read more »

Benefits of Participating In a Clinical Research Study

The main thing to know when considering participation in a clinical research study is you are not a human “guinea pig.” Clinical studies are strictly monitored; volunteers receive detailed informed consent forms to review and sign before participating, and they receive excellent care by a team of medical professionals including a supervising physician. Many clinical… Read more »

Why Does My Tooth Hurt After the Dentist?

A trip to the dentist is supposed to help us keep our teeth healthy and take care of dental problems, but what if after a visit that includes something as simple as a filling, we start to experience sensitivity or pain? What are the possible reasons for this, and what can be done to solve… Read more »

Beauty Sleep: Myth or Must?

Sleep is the foundation on which we build and maintain our health and is the best way of guarding against stress and age-related diseases. Is the concept of beauty sleep a myth or reality? Science tells us that a good night of sleep is essential for repairing, regenerating and restructuring the skin. Several studies suggest… Read more »

The Benefits of CBD Topicals

It’s important to focus proactively on health and wellness, such as eating better and exercising regularly; however, as we age we also pay the price for the activities in our younger years.  Aches and pains, whether from old injuries or new sports, exercise routines and illness, are challenges that can stop us from continuing on… Read more »

mentoring the future

Valley Teens Becoming Mindfully Resilient

As rates of stress, depression, and teen suicide have soared in the past decade, the Health and Nutritional Sciences (HANS) Academy at Indio High is piloting a new curriculum called Mindfully Resilient. Units in anger management, the science of stress, anxiety, depression, healthy relationships and more are taught to bring mental health awareness and education… Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions:

There’s no denying it—having cancer (or any other life-threatening disease) definitely changes the way one looks at the future. So it’s only natural that, after a diagnosis of cancer, the nature of patients’ New Year’s resolutions changes as well. I can say that from my own experience (diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2016, treated… Read more »

The Healing Sounds of Music

Music is wonderful. It is often referred to as the universal language. We may listen to music for sheer joy, to dance, to change our moods, to enhance fond memories and to exercise. Music therapy, however, is much more. As an allied health profession, music therapy is defined as the focused and intentional use of… Read more »

Self-Care for the New Year

Are you ready for a “new you” this year? It may be no surprise that the all-time leading resolution is to lose weight and get healthy. After indulging in festivities for the past four months, all those tasty, sugary treats and drinks have probably found their way to your waist line. We all tend to… Read more »