We are proud to present this year’s deserving Nominees submitted by the community, Finalists and Winners selected by the Desert Health Wellness Awards Executive Committee.

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* Asterisk notes previous winners which are not qualified to be finalists.

All 2019 Nominees (Finalists and Winners noted)


Desert Occupational Therapy for Kids, Inc.

“I am blessed with the opportunity to pair purpose with passion – to make a loving and positive impact on the lives of uniquely made children.”


Jim Bantley, OTR/L
Myofacial Release Therapist
Palm Springs Myofascial Release

“After 25 years of chronic pain and every therapy available, intensive myofascial release got me off medication and I became a practitioner to help others.”


FINALIST: Regina Basterrechea, MS, CNC
JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa“I was born into a family that believes in being one with nature and my passion is to cultivate and share that with others.”

WINNER: Valeria Batross
Fitness & Wellness Director
Sun City Shadow Hills

“Embedded in me since I was 15, wellness and fitness have taught me that with knowledge, passion and empathy, I can continue to impact other’s lives for the better.”


Dominick Cece-Sherley
Nursing Assistant
Personal Fitness Trainer, Eos Fitness

“It really means a lot to be recognized for doing what I love.”


IN MEMORIAM: Denise DuBarry Hay
Bikram Yoga Plus & Wildest Greens

“I’m thrilled that I can create businesses that help people be their healthiest and happiest.  It’s my small contribution to our community.”


John Feller, MD
Medical Director/Founder, Desert Medical Imaging
Co-Founder/Board Member, Desert Doctors

“My motivation as a clinical radiologist, teacher and researcher is simple; I am passionate about having a geometric impact on healthcare both locally and internationally.”


Norma Greer Fishkind
Board of Directors
ACT for MS

“I went to the gym and walked out of my wheelchair. I wanted to help others with MS and asked my Mom, Gloria Greer, to start a charity.”


Bronwyn Ison
Evolve Yoga Studio & BronwynIson.com

“As a health and wellness influencer over the years, I’m grateful to inspire and encourage others to evolve into overall wellness in mind and body.”


Kristi-Lynn Lake
Certified Fitness Trainer
In-Joy Fitness

“I believe the meaning of life is to help others and win together. I teach fitness and nutrition to support a pain free, strong, and independent lifestyle for all.”


Doug J. Morin
Executive Director
Coachella Valley Volunteers in Medicine

“It’s all about our patients, ultimately.  Knowing they are better because of something I had a small part in makes all the difference.”



FINALIST: AcQpoint Wellness Center“Our practitioners work synergistically with compassion and positivity to restore patients’ health. Our greatest reward is their wellness.”
– Diane Sheppard, PhD, L.Ac., Founder[clear]

Cetina Raw Natural Beauty

“Beauty starts from the inside out. My purpose is to educate everyone how to use and make raw natural ingredients to feel and look beautiful.”
– Ana Cetina


Contour Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Center

“From life-saving skin cancer diagnosis/treatment to face and body rejuvenation, we are passionate about curing skin diseases and helping people look and feel beautiful.”
Timothy Jochen, MD


FINALIST: Desert Oasis Healthcare

“As a local health care leader, we have a strong commitment to the health and wellness of our greatest assets – our employees, patients, and the community.”
– Megan Guerra & Kristi Vaughn


WINNER: Fit in 42

“We wanted to create a road map for people so they have all the tools necessary to achieve their fitness goals and live their best lives.”
– Casey Washack


GRACE The Health Studio

“I feel blessed to be a part of my client’s transformations, not only in their mind, but body.  Seeing people happy and well is beyond rewarding.”
– Katie Juretich, Founder


Kinetix Health & Performance Center *

“For over 30 years we have vested our skills in providing our clients with cutting edge services and programs, giving them the opportunity to improve their quality of life.”
Mike & Susan Butler, Founders


Lifestyles Nutrition Center

“On my journey to heal myself, I found a way through Lifestyles to share my knowledge, experience and products so that my clients can heal themselves.”
Gayla Shafer, Owner


Mot’us Floatation & Wellness Center

“Improving quality and quantity of life is not just about the physical, but also the emotional, spiritual and mental balance we all need to find.”
– Louise Evans, Owner



FINALIST: Celeste Amaya, MD
Integrative Primary Care
Desert Meridian Wellness Center for Functional and Integrative Medicine

“I merge ancient Eastern healing with modern traditional medicine to consistently produce dramatic reversals of chronic health issues. Patients report powerful, transforming and multidimensional shifts in mind, body and spirit.”


Jeralyn Brossfield, MD*
Integrative Primary Care, XO Health

“My purpose is to use my talents and curiosity to create an environment for people to build their best health in order to lead extraordinary lives.”


WINNER: William Grimm, DO
Integrative Primary Care
Pure Health Palm Springs

“I believe the integrative physician is the doctor of the future. Years ago I chose my training in osteopathic medicine for this reason. And, for the past 25 years, I have had the privilege of helping patients heal themselves through my evolving holistic approach.”


Steven Gundry, MD*
International Heart and Lung Institute/Center for Restorative Medicine/ GUNDRYMD™

“I continue to work seven days a week seeing patients because every day I learn something from them that helps me help others.”


Lisa Lindley, MD
Gynocologist, Women’s Health, Obesity Medicine
Eisenhower Women’s Health

“In 2013, I started Lunch & Lose, a free weekly nutrition and education program with the goal of giving people power to change their life and health.”


FINALIST: Tina Louise Moreno, RCP, RRT
Reiki Master, Ordained Minister
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Coordinator
Desert Regional Medical Center“After the death of my sister, Gail, at age 28 from severe asthma, I dedicated my life to helping others breathe easier.”[clear]

Nicole Marie Ortiz, NMD
Naturopathic Doctor
True You Medical

“I am driven each day to learn, share, inspire, and journey with my patients to help them experience life’s blessings to the fullest.”


Diane Sheppard, PhD, LAc
Acupuncturist and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
AcQpoint Wellness Center

“My greatest gift is seeing clients walk in feeling distressed or in pain and walk out with a glean in their eye and free of pain.”


Christina Vu, MD
Internal Medicine Resident
Desert Regional Medical Center

“It’s important to have a sense of self-care and well-being. As health care providers, maintaining wellness is vital to providing optimal patient care.”



WINNER: Alzheimers Coachella Valley

“Our mission is to provide education, support, respite care, and advocacy for those in the Coachella Valley living with Alzheimer’s and dementia.” – Dom Calvano, Board President


FINALIST: Desert Regional Medical Center NICU Volunteer Cuddler Program“Working and busy parents take great comfort in the fact that if they can’t be at the hospital during daytime hours, “Cuddlers” are there to provide that human touch so desperately needed by all babies.” Gary Levin, program developer


FINALIST: Chabad of Rancho Mirage“Rabbi Shimon and Chaya Posner of Chabad of Rancho Mirage recognize the infinite potential in each person and help them to achieve that every single day.”



WINNER: Andres Castaneda
Cathedral City High SchoolCreated a suicide prevention campaign at school and for the community.“In this conservative Latino community, it is forbidden for people to talk about how you truly feel. When I’m done, I hope they yell it.”[clear]
FINALIST: Desert Oasis Healthcare Interns (12 Seniors)
Cathedral City High School
Creating an awareness campaign on the dangers of E-cigarettes for local middle and high school students.“Our mission is to improve the health education of the next generation.” – HEAL Senior Gustavo Serrano[clear]
FINALIST: Jessar Corona, Yuvia Hernandez, Zenia Hernandez
Cathedral City High SchoolCreated a mental health and suicide prevention education campaign for middle and high school students.“We strive to de-stigmatize mental health one student at a time through the power of awareness, self-empowerment, and the promotion of healthy habits.”[clear]

Secilia M. Valenzuela
Indio High School

HANS Academy student and health advocate for her school and community.

“Changing my diet and lifestyle helped me to be more energetic and the best I can be. I want to help others to do the same.”


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Comments (115)

  • Jimmy T.H. Pham

    Dr. Christina Vu has gotten my vote for this year. I am a founder of a non-profit organization and had the opportunity to work with her when I conducted a medical mission in South America, where I met her for the first time. She is an extraordinary person who has sacrificed so much time and effort in providing care for the underserved. I learned later through my colleagues that she founded different committees, organizations, and clubs with a focus on providing healing, mental support, and emotional outlet for providers and patients. Her works have spread far beyond her organizations and clubs, as many of those who worked with her have carried on her ideas to create a similar environment for their patients and those who work with them. She is an outstanding example of an individual whose passion is to promote wellness in her patients, colleagues, and anyone who has worked with her.

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Wonderful! Thank you for your feedback and support, Jimmy!

      With sincere appreciation ~

      Lauren Del Sarto

    • Tina Louise Moreno is my health role model. She is always aware of the important role diet, exercise and happiness play in the long run. I am astounded at how many lives she has improved with her knowledge, and how many hearts she has touched with her love. After all, she is the goddess of love! Congratulations, Tina Louise, I am so proud of you.

  • Cetina raw beauty is on the cutting edge of cosmetic and bath products. She’s finally providing the public with safe, healthy luxurious products that nourish us while making us beautiful.

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Thank you for your feedback, Thea! More nominees to come and your input is appreciated.

      Lauren Del Sarto

  • Cetina Raw Beauty is an amazing place with caring and passionate people. Ana is dedicated to the complete beauty of everyone she encounters. I have watched her grow from a tiny rented chair in a hair salon to this amazing empire she has built. It warms my heart to see her nomination for this amazing accolade. She puts her heart and soul into every thing and person she touches. She has my vote, and always will.

  • Valeria Batross is a shining star of integrity and enthusiasm! I am honored to be a part of her team at Shadow Hills Community. Valeria has an unwavering commitment to heath and wellness at all levels. It is wonderful to see her nomination here!

  • Heidi Rose Gerner

    Valeria Batross is a bona-fide asset to the Coachella valley. Her expertise, enthusiasm and professionalism are unparalleled. She gives something personal and special to every client/person that she meets. Her drive to improve her knowledge and credentials makes her exceptional. I have known her over 10 years, and I don’t know anyone more dedicated to her craft. Kudos to you Valeria for a well-deserved nomination !

  • I have know Valeria Batross close to 15 yrs. she has worked hard to be where she is and is totally dedicated to the health and well being of her clients. Always encouraging and kind. I’ve moved away but miss my training sessions with her every day.

  • Traci Barnett Hone

    The health and fitness program at Sun City Shadow Hills continues to grow and flourish thanks to Valeria. Our classes are challenging and our instructors are top-notch. Valeria has raised the bar!

  • Jessica “Panda” Alfrey

    Valeria Batross is such an amazing example of Wellness, what a perfect nomination for an amazing individual. For as long as I have known Valeria, she has always been helping everyone around her and in her community with her knowledge of being healthy. She has so much to offer on every level of spiritual, physical and emotional well being. Not only does she lead this life by example, but is always learning new ways to help and innovate the wellness community. I’m so proud to call her a friend , and know I can always turn to her with any questions of my own.

  • In the 40 years I have been active in the fitness industry, i have met very few people that not only have a great knowkedge and know how to inspire others to put it into practice but also live every day themselves what they are preaching! That’ s right: Valeria does not only talk the talk but she walks the walk! They are not enough adjectives to describe her; let’ s just say that she is amazing!

  • I cannot name a Better person for this Award than Valeria Batross. Being the epitome of Consciousness and Discipline, Valeria doesn’t just Show Us the Way to Living a Healthier and High Quality Life, She Lives it Every Day by Example. Realizing the Importance of Truth, It is her Nature to share these Lifestyle Choices with Friends and All who have the privilege of getting to know her. Integrity is Priority. Sharing her Wisdom and her Life Path, makes her the Best Candidate for this Category.

  • My vote is whole-heartedly for Valeria Batross who is our Fitness Director at Sun City Shadow Hills. As one of the lucky SCSH residents, I have personally witnessed all of the positive changes Valeria has made to bring Health and Wellness to a very diverse population of seniors! Our classes now fill up with energetic, enthusiastic participants, due to Valeria’s vision and the outstanding instructors she has hired. She is a tremendous asset to our community and is a very deserving candidate for this award!

  • I too would like to put in my vote for Valeria Baltross, our Fitness Director at Sun City Shadow Hills. Every since our first contact with Valeria, as Aqua Fitness Instructor, we knew we had someone special. My wife’s and my goal was intense training and Valeria was “Sergeant Major” of Aqua Boot Camp, getting right in the pool with us and setting the pace. She is a delightful, thoughtful, supportive individual with great knowledge and experience and a desire to make every class and experience worthwhile. Thank you Valeria!

  • Wayne D. Chandler

    Being new to Sun City Shadow Hill’s I was aware my wife wanted to participate in the fabulous fitness facility we had viewed prior to our purchase. I made it a point to contact Valeria Batross the fitness director.

    As the result of my contact, Valeria followed up with a text to my wife. My wife is now totally “All In” with regard to her personal fitness program at Shadow Hills.

    As we all know many of us have all the good intentions of involving ourselves in a regular physical fitness regime. “Regular” being the key word. Valeria cuts to the chase and as a result removes the hesitation so many of us have. Valeria’s knowledge and delivery makes one believe they can accomplish their dream.

  • Colleen Fraser

    Tina Louise Moreno creates a welcoming environment that meets the needs of people with a wide range of abilities; her humour and love dominate a well focused program; we benefit greatly and thereby improve our well being – physically, emotionally and socially.

  • Louise Evans at Mot’us Floatation and Wellness, she deserve to have my vote because she have incredible knowledge about health and fitness as well as spirit, mind and emotional balance. She also demonstrate that she care about each individual that come across to her place that show patience with love, understanding and do listen well. Her favorite word “MOVE”!

  • Tina Louise Moreno has my vote. By planning events and leading Fit after Fifty, Tina Louise provides opportunities for people to meet new people and build friendships. She radiates love, reminding me and I’m sure countless others, to live our lives to the fullest!
    Bonnie Milne

  • Maria Rodriguez

    For Secilia Valenzuela.
    My daughter, Secilia Valenzuela, is commited to a healthy lifestyle. She helps her little brother who has Type 1 Diabetes choose healthier meals. Even though we have taken nutrition classes when he was diagnosed, I’ve learned more from my daughter than the classes. I’ve also have made a change in making better food choices because of her. She opened our eyes to the world of nutrition and this is a start to being a healthy FAMILY.

  • Tina Louise Moreno is a great teacher and friend to all who know her. I have learned not only diaphragmatic breathing and balance but love, happiness and giving. Because Tina is an inspiration
    to everyone she is most deserving of this award. She has definitely changed my life.

  • Cathy/Fred Nielsen

    Valeria Batross has done an amazing job managing the fitness program at
    Sun City Shadow Hills. She has oversees many classes to enhance the wellness of the community retirerees. She offers many educational seminars as well as
    Fitness programs on a daily basis. The instructors are all knowledgeable and encouraging. I especially appreciate the Aquatic exercise programs.
    Bravo Valeria. A true professional, hard working lady!

  • Canice Menking

    Tina Louise Moreno gets my vote. I have been volunteering with Tina for 4 months now, and she is amazing to watch. She is so caring and loving for her patients and they all totally admire and love her. I really am impressed and love watching her working with them, and the social outings she plans for them, and showing them that life can continue, even when we have medical issues. She is also a neat lady to work for, I am really happy I got her department to work in.


    I appreciate Dr. Gundy’s dedication to helping others. “Always looking out for them”. His program has helped me tremendously.

  • Congratulations to Tina Louise Moreno, RCP, RRT on her well-deserved nomination. She is a respiratory therapist who approaches treatment with a holistic view of the important mind, body, and spirit connection.

    I participated in pulmonary rehab with her in 2015, and now volunteer in her program at Desert Regional Hospital. I am inspired by her constant joy and positivity which helps patients manage and improve their respiratory conditions with so much more optimism.

  • Congratulations Tina Louise Moreno!!!

    Tina Louise has helped my family and I learn about the COPD that my mum has and how to prevent mum from having exacerbations.

    She is extremely knowledgable on all things respiratory with an excellent bedside manner, firm but very kind.

  • Kiyoshi Ishikawa

    Tina Louise Moreno is helping my wife and I learn how to live a full and active life with COPD. She is always smiling with a positive outlook to keep us motivated and optimistic when sometimes we are feeling blue.
    Tina Louise definitely has our vote!

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Thank you for your contributions, Kiyoshi, and for reading Desert Health!

      Lauren Del Sarto

    • Without any doubt Tina Louise is number 1. I do not believe anyone can equal her caring compassion for helping people. Her heart is as big as her knowledge of pulmonary health. She is an expert in her field and is so well versed in peripheral areas related to
      All aspects of health care. Her many years in pulmonary work demonstrate her love for people, her job and her social endeavors to make health care interesting and fun . There can be no other #1, no other winner of the Wellness award as Tina is most deserving.

  • There will never be a more deserving winner of the Wellness Award. Tina Louise has been an inspiration to so many seniors who participate in her Fit After Fifty class. Her dedication to the welfare of of those who participate. She is strong, kind, warm and genuine in all she does. She has developed a sense of community to many. I find Tina Louise to be a person to be admired.

  • Dr. Susan Murphy

    It is my honor to endorse Denise DuBarry Hay. Denise has invested time, energy, money and passion into the Coachella Valley’s health. She wants to make us healthier physically through our nutrition via Wildest Greens restaurant and mentally/spiritually / biologically through Bikram Yoga Plus in Palm Springs & Palm Desert. Denise is a living example of health, grace and motivation. Denise is an inspiration to all and the Valley is healthier because of Denise’s positive impact on us!

  • Rebekah McGrath

    Tina Louise has my vote!!
    Amazing just doesn’t seem to cut it when talking about Tina Louise. She is the most selfless person. She goes above and beyond with her patients. She treats everyone with love and positivity. She is the most deserving of this award!!

  • Ms. Tina Moreno has the most genuinely beautiful soul I’ve ever met. Even on her down days she will always remain positive, not only to her self but to others. As a fellow RRT I look up to her and she has shown a new standard regarding patient care. Not only is Ms. Tina Moreno one of my role my models but she will forever be a close friend.

  • We have been in Tina Louise Moreno’s Fit After Fitty over 10 years. She is a wonderful motivator.

  • Louise Moreno is a Dedicated and Very Proficient person, who is Caring towards others on a Daily basis. Which I find very intriguing and I would Recommend her teaching to those in need.

  • Shelley Miller-Mantell

    I have been in Tina Louise Moreno’s Fit After Fifty class for 6 years. I know that I have benefited from her class which focuses on balance, strengthening and flexibility. The class has grown tremendously over the years and this is due to Tina. She is knowledgeable, dedicated, caring, compassionate, friendly, motivating and has a great sense of humor. She is definitely an asset to Desert Regional Medical Center and is so deserving of this award!

  • Tina Louise gets my vote. She is extremely dedicated to her patients, and she is very knowledgable about her work. Her attitude is always vibrant and positive. Thank you Tina for all your help.

  • So many wonderful nominees, but Tina Louise is not only inspirational, but her caring/passionate nature has the tendency to make others feel like family. Her presence radiates joy and is truly contagious! Hats off to Tina for being such an amazing person!! She’s got my vote.

  • Carlos Murrieta

    My vote is for Tina Louise Moreno, I have had the pleasure to work with Tina for about 5 years now, I can only say wonderful things about Tina, she is very professional but also a caring individual who takes her time to get to know the patient and their needs as they come to her Pulmonary Rehab program, I have seen it first hand. DRMC aid lucky to have an individual like her work for them. I am lucky to call Tina a friend. I am sure all her patients feel the same.

  • Alicia Rios, MSN

    Tina Louise Moreno has been a colleague and a friend of mine for many years. I have witnessed first hand her dedication and love to her patients and the community in general. She is a true teacher and incredibly smart and efficient clinician. Tina Louise stays up to date with best practice and is continuously gaining certifications and knowledge to best serve patients and the community. She has a beautiful soul which is reflected in her work. It is without hesitation that I give her my vote!

  • Tina Louise Moreno is very kind and loving.. Truly cares about each and every one of her friends (patients)

  • Tina Louise has my vote !

    Tina is a positive and inspirational influence to all who meet her.

  • Gary Manchester

    I vote for Tina Louise. I appreciate her dedication and professionalism in the Fit After Fifty program. She makes it fun to participate.

  • Donald DeFrancq

    Tina Louise Moreno has been very effective in inspiring us to be concerned about our physical condition. Her fit after 50 class is well organized and run, and she is an exceptional candidate for the award.

  • Conneta Johnson

    TINA LOUISE Moreno is love expressed. The care she gives to her patients and frankly anyone she meets is not surpassed. Her devotion and attention to each individual is felt long after her time with you has ended. I wish her the very best in all things.

  • Tina Louise Moreno is a motivator and a very compassionate person. Tina is able to connect with people because of her special gifts. That gifts are Love and understanding.
    She has recently lifted my spirit and attitude to a higher level which has made me feel more secure within myself.
    After meeting with her the past two weeks I realize what a remarkable woman she is.
    This is Tina Louise !! She has my support and many others.

  • Rebecca B Ivie

    Diane Sheppard and AcQpoint have my votes! Diane has held my health together through some really difficult issues, both physical and psychiatric. She choose talented and compassionate practitioners for her clinic, and she goes above and beyond every day. I’ve been through some dark times, through which the relief she’s provided has been all that kept me alive. She cares so much about every patient and nurtures them all as if they were her family. You won’t find a kinder, more diligent person anywhere.

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Thank you, Rebecca!

    • Diane Sheppard

      Beka your Comments pulled at my heartstrings, I have never met a more compassionate loving person you are so kind and special I feel blessed you walked into
      Our lives and I could help!! Teri Tudor and I have you back!!

  • Jean Millikan

    I highly recommend the following people in their various fields, all of whom are my
    current practitioners:
    Diane Sheppard,PhD, Lac
    Steven Gundry, MD
    Celeste Amaya, MD

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Thank you, Jean! You are certainly in good hands with that team!
      With appreciation ~

      Lauren Del Sarto

    • Diane Sheppard

      Jean you have great taste in practitioners!
      Like to think I influenced you a bit! Lol!
      Thank you so much!

  • I have had the pleasure of being a client at AcQPoint Wellness Center for the last few years. I believe having regular acupuncture treatments with Gayle has helped to keep my body healthy and in balance. I notice a difference in how much better my body feels overall with regular acupuncture sessions. I have also had the good fortune of receiving Fascial Stretch Therapy from Robert. Once again, the stretching helps with relaxation, balance and soreness from exercise.

    Walking into AcQPoint is a pleasure. The relaxing and zen like atmosphere makes for a lovely environment. Kelly always has a smile on her face, knows the patients names and is very organized. Gayle shows a deep concern for her clients well being and is a true friend. And Robert has a great sense of humor and really knows what he is doing. And Diane, the owner, also has a smile, a hello and ever so often a great story to share! I have recommend AcQPoint to friends and highly recommend this Wellness Center to anyone looking to add to their all around good health and well being.

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and input, Polly!

      With appreciation ~

    • Diane Sheppard

      Dear Polly

      AcQpoint and our team thanks you ,Gayle and Robert are so talented and caring
      And I’m grateful to read your testimonial
      To our center!!!

  • I walk into The office of ACQPoint, I am immediately relaxed. It continues to get better from there. Diane Sheppard has a wonderful spirit and amazing technique. Well educated in her field. A joy to be with

  • Tina Louise Moreno has made my life so much better since I became her patient and friend.
    She has helped me live my life with C.O.P.D. easier knowing how to breathe properly among much
    more information. She truly is a shinning light in my life and a lovely person to all.

    Carole Hartley

  • My vote is for Tina Louise Moreno. She is dedicated to helping patients recover and is the most positive person I know. She shares her positivity with everyone.

  • Bob and Deanna Burpee

    We vote for Tina Moreno who does such a fabulous job getting us Seniors motivated to exercise in the early morning three times a week. She makes the Fit After Fifty class great fun. Tina is a wonderful, warm, caring woman. We are so lucky to have her!!!

  • My vote definitely goes to Diane and AcQPoint Wellness Center. I started going to Diane for acupuncture for my back and arthritic hands. My hands were so sore I thought I would have to quit playing tennis. Diane did some acupuncture and then started giving my hands laser treatments. Wow! I can now play tennis without much pain and sometimes without pain! I have even started to golf also! She is always so professional and such fun even when giving treatments! Great person.
    I can’t say enough good about Kelly, the office manager too. She always greets the clients with a big hello and smile. She is very professional and always helpful – it’s so nice coming to this place because it is so relaxing, has good vibes, and has wonderful, fun people! Diane and AcQPoint definitely deserve these awards.

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Thank you so very much for your comments, Shirley!

    • Diane Sheppard

      Shirley I am so delighted and thrilled to read this and I’m very grateful for all your kind comments!! We love working with you and mirabel and I are always thrilled to watch your progress and playing tennis and golf along with keeping up with your grandsons!!
      Thank you!!

  • Dorothy Mae Swift-Grant

    Tina Louise Moreno has helped so many patients learn to breath properly and how to live with COPD.
    She is caring, compassionate and well versed in the requirements of a therapist helping her patients.
    She set up a Fit After Fifty class to illustrate to patients and friends the benefit of exercise. The class is so popular it has more then doubled in size since its inception.
    Her enthusiasm, good cheer and knowledge has helped many patients overcome the feelings of helpfulness that sometimes appears with the diagnosis of a life-threatening disease. She is truly an angel on earth.

  • Barbara Weightman

    Diane Sheppard founder and director of Aqupoint Wellness Center has been a lifesaver for me from the time I first moved to the desert 6 years ago. Diane is a very warm caring person who is really devoted to everyone who comes to her Center. They have my vote!!

  • Wayne Bellows M.D.

    Would you like to move better and be a happier and fulfilled person? Tracy Smith can get you there.
    In my opinion, she is an outstanding stretch therapist, who truly understands the body. Furthermore, our work together in releasing energy embalances has resulted in harmony between body and mind. I have never felt better!
    I only wish these concepts had been appreciated when I was doing my medical training.

    Wayne Bellows M.D.

  • Alysia Jones

    Tracy Smith is a wonderful person, generous spirit, and amazing healer! Her incredible talent in intuitive healing and energy work have truly changed my life. I am so grateful for her time and help in finding my ability to align with my higher self, allow the universe to bring abundance into my life, heal any energetic imbalances in my body, and appreciate each moment to the fullest. Thank you Tracy!

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Thank you, Alysia. Maybe she should receive a nomination next Wellness Awards!
      With appreciation ~


  • Percy Serrano

    Valeria Batross is well-deserving of this award. As a resident of Sun City Shadow Hills, I have seen Valeria in action from personal trainer to class instructor to the Director of the Fitness Center. She is enthusiastic in her classes as well as with interactions with residents and her “more mature” students. She has built the Fitness Center to include seminars on various medical and health & wellness topics which are well attended as well as improving the facilities and equipment for the daily fitness junkee. Her desire to involve the residents in fitness and wellness is infectious and she has made living here much better. Thank you, Valeria.

  • Diane Sheppard and AcQPoint Wellness Center has my vote. You immediately feel at home walking in the door. Such a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. I had never had acupuncture before I went to AcQPoint and didn’t know what to expect. Immediately Diane and her staff made me feel comfortable. They truly deserve this award. I want to give a shout out to Dr. Buzz Edelburg, too. An amazing Chiropractor. Love, love, love them all!!

  • My vote is for AcQPoint and Diane Sheppard. I go there when I’m not feeling well, and I come out feeling like I’ve been to a spa!

    I had been searching for an exceptional acupuncturist, and I’m thrilled to have found Diane. In addition to having an abundance of knowledge and talent, she also has empathy and a great personality. I look forward to every session with Diane. I feel relaxed and welcomed in her office (thank you, Kelly), and her entire staff has been wonderful. My results have been exceptional.

    AcQPoint has a really great team of talented people. I was intrigued with a brochure from Tracy Smith, and gave her a try, and I am so happy that I did. I now see Tracy regularly, and she has helped me tremendously. Praises also go out to Dr. Buzz for his excellent chiropractic work — my husband, my mother and I have all been pleased, and helped immensely. I wouldn’t hesitate to try anyone associated with AcQPoint.

    AcQPoint is wonderful!

  • I have been receiving acupuncture for over 27 years. It is at the center of my balanced health program. When I moved to the Coachella Valley I had a concerned in finding a skilled, experienced and intuitive acupuncturist. I researched and found Dr. Diane Sheppard and made my first appointment with AcQPoint. I knew at this first session with Diane that she “”had it all” as they say. Over the years with all the ebbs and flows that life presents us, Diane has been my key health care professional. I greatly appreciate not only the professional she is, but the person she is. Always friendly, compassionate and kindhearted The entire team at AcQPoint are great! It is always a pleasure to go to the center. It’s like getting together with a great group of friends! Kelly is the best…always so calm, friendly and extremely efficient in dealing with everyone that comes in the front door. What a blessing to have AcQPoint Wellness Center in our area!

  • My family has been blessed knowing Diane Sheppard, acupuncturist, and director of AcQpoint Wellness Center. Her sensitivity toward her patients needs has surpassed any treatment I’ve experienced. Diane’s knowledge and passion for chinese medicine is abundant. Every staff member is warm and friendly.

    Through Diane, we were referred to Dr. Celeste Amaya for my mom, who has stage 4 cancer. Another blessing for our family! I know that Dr. Amayas wholistic approach to medicine has prolonged my moms life. Their ‘tapping’ sessions have affected my mom personally on emotional and spiritual ways. We are forever grateful.

  • Diane Sheppard founder and director of AcQupoint Wellness Center has treated each person in my family with great success! Her clinic runs smoothly and efficiently with Kelly at the front desk who is always accommodating and friendly. Each individual practitioner has excelled in their specialty. But what makes them stand out beyond exceptional medical treatment is their genuine kindness and treatment of the heart and soul. True compassion goes a long way! I will continue to recommend AcQupoint Wellness Center to my friends and family. Thank you, Diane!

  • Jani Goldberg

    I normally don’t write reviews but feel compelled to for AcQpoint, Diane Sheppard, Gayle, Kelly and the entire staff. You will not find a more welcoming and friendly staff. From the moment I walked through their doors the first time needing help, I was greeted warmly and made to feel immediately “at home”. Dr. Sheppard listened intently to my health issues and then what happened next was nothing short of amazing. I had been sick for months with a medical condition that I have and culminating in getting pneumonia and was having a difficult time getting my health back. I was beginning to wonder if I ever would. Diane literally transformed my life, helping me to improve every week and am now in better health than I have been in years. Truly grateful and thankful to have found AcQPoint and can’t thank Diane, Gayle and Kelly enough for everything they have done for me. I do not believe I would have ever recovered to this degree without them. When you have your health, you have everything. Thank you Diane, Gayle and Kelly for everything!


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