One of the greatest discoveries of our time is the knowledge that we each have the ability and power to create the experiences in our lives. It is now common knowledge that the thoughts and feelings we have are frequencies sent out into the universe which return to us in physical experiences that are vibrational matches to our feelings and thoughts. Our words have the same impact as our thoughts as they are also a frequency being sent out into the universe.

Each word we speak, write, or think has its own energy frequency. Words are so powerful that they can evoke feelings just by thinking about them. Think about the word “love” and take note of the feeling your body is experiencing. Perhaps you begin to smile, or feel a lightness in your heart. Now think about the word “hate.” Your body probably has a totally different experience. Words have a huge impact on all aspects of our lives.

Being aware of words and the frequencies they carry is very important in communication with others. Our words influence the energy we bring to our conversations, so it is important to be mindful of the words we are using with others. Whether we are speaking to friends, family, co-workers, or to ourselves, we must carefully consider the words we choose and their possible impact. Positive words have high frequency and negative words have low frequency. Words have thoughts and feelings associated with them, so it is easy to see how miscommunication between people can arise if we are not careful with our words.

A fun way to increase your awareness and sensitivity to words is to make a list of your favorite words and notice the energy and feeling each word evokes when you say or read them. Every word has its own vibration that is experienced in our bodies. Notice the vibration your body is feeling with each word on your list.

The words we speak backed by our feelings have the power to create our experiences. Since our lives are a vibrational match to our thoughts and feelings, and our thoughts are a collection of words, it is essential we are aware of the words we speak or think. We can create a life of happiness and joy with awareness using high-frequency words; the more we choose to use positive words, the more positive our lives will be and the more harmonized our conversations will be.

Every word is an affirmation and an intention. Being consciously aware of the creative power of words allows us to set strong intentions and powerful affirmations creating change in our life experiences. If you want a wonderful life, you must have wonderful thoughts and use wonderful words. The words you put out into the universe fueled by your feelings come back to you, so use your words wisely.

Tracy Smith is an energy intuitive therapist and Emotion/Body Code practitioner with AcQpoint Wellness Center and can be reached at (760) 409.9289.

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