What is the one thing you hope to have with you for life? Your children? Your spouse? Your sanity? Your mobility?

When you think about it, the most treasured thing you could wish for yourself and your loved ones is good health. It can be the difference between happiness and heartbreak, comfort and pain, and growing older with vitality or infirmity.

Yet, often we don’t do enough for our wellness. We know what we should do, but taking the first steps down that path can be difficult. Sometimes it just takes a little help from our family and friends.

So why not give the gift of health this holiday season? It’s a perfect present from the heart that can last a lifetime. It’s simple, can be free, or can cost as much as you usually spend on holiday gift giving.

What can you do? Give your spouse a week of healthy home cooked meals or a gift certificate to an organic restaurant. Plan a couple’s spa day at home or at one of our world-class resorts. Give a week of yoga to someone who has wanted to try it; energy balancing to those feeling unease, or a gym membership to start that exercise program.

There are many ideas to meet every need and you’ll find them here. A loved one with chronic pain? Try acupuncture; hoping to lose weight, a nutritional coach; loves natural medicine, essential oils; loss of vim and vigor, a hormone panel test; love of golf, a conditioning program; loves to be pampered, a facial or massage; unresolved emotions, sound therapy; osteoporosis, bone strength training; seeking deeper meaning, an awakening walk; an idiopathic condition, a naturopathic consultation; self-conscious about their teeth, a smile lift; unmanaged stress, a health coach or meditation; a love of movies, a date to see Wellness Worth Watching.

Are we promoting our marketing partners? You bet we are because our greatest gift is when readers say “thank you” for introducing them to a professional, a practice, or an experience which has enhanced their life. We are blessed to hear this often as much of the information, and many of those on our pages, hold the answers to unwrapping that which can help you move towards your best health.

We all wish for good health, so this season remember, the greatest gift you can give is the gift of health.

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