Spring is a season of reawakening and renewal in the never-ending circle of life fueled by love. How does this renewal of life work in the dream realm? 

Let’s consider the unconditional love we receive from our pets. It can be a love like no other, and as French poet Anatole France famously said, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

As a dream expert, I am often approached by those who describe dreams of a deceased pet that was so real they awoke and searched the room to see if their beloved fur-baby had actually returned. They are eager to understand what this type of dream could mean, and it happens more often than you may think. 

As a three-time breast cancer survivor, my illnesses were diagnosed by my dreams and later validated by pathology reports, so my answers stem not only from dream research, but also from direct dream experiences. 

As many cultures, religions and individuals believe, all people and creatures eventually go to “life after life.” When we go to the other side, we take love with us, and this “love bridge” can also bring us back. This not only applies to humans, but also to animals – from tiny tame kittens to enormous wild elephants. Perhaps this is because we believe love never dies, including the love of our four-legged friends. Our two worlds are connected by love and dreams, and any creature can become a dream spirit guide to walk and talk with us through crises. 

On a popular Psychology Today blog post, a common pattern described by readers is how their deceased pets relay messages and feelings telepathically through dreams, conveying comfort and reassurance.1 They often appear young and may lovingly impart to their owners that they are OK and that the owners will be okay, too. These common occurrences further support the never-ending circle of life fueled by love and the human-animal connection.

Some people consider their pets to be soul mates that resume their roles as animal-spirit guides after death. Many have shared that they welcome the pet visitation dreams which heal their hearts and turn grief into joy.

Cindy shared a story with me about her recurrent pet dream. After 20 years of traveling the United States, her two 20-year-old cats died one month apart. Then, they began appearing in her dreams. She concluded, “Although it was the end of their old life, it was the beginning of their new life as my animal spirit guides on the ‘other side.’” They all continued to travel the country in her recurrent dreams. 

So, during the spring season of renewed life, imagine all your deceased fur babies, from hamsters to horses, empowering you during life’s challenges from the dream realm as they patiently wait for you to come home again. I imaging that on the other side, pets are our welcoming committee of unconditional love, because as we know, love never dies.

Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos of Rancho Mirage is a three-time breast cancer survivor, award-winning author, dream expert, speaker and TV/radio host/producer, and has been featured on Dr. Oz and The Doctors. For more information, visit www.KathleenOkeefeKanavos.com.

Reference: 1) https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/communication-success/202010/stories-visitation-dreams-deceased-pets#

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