Aging is part of the human experience, but why do some of us just get older while others seem to gracefully defy aging?

We can all admit that the desire to look and feel younger is a normal response as we approach our silver or golden years. While cosmetic creativity is an effective option for many, others seem to discover secret ingredients in the recipe for a healthier and happier twilight. 

We recently spoke with best-selling author and celebrated health advocate Barbara Rogers about her recipe for aging gracefully. Rogers knows a few things about having the right recipe. Her book, It’s A No Grainer, is full of delicious grain-free recipes that have helped people of all ages on their wellness journey. We’ve shared some of our favorites in many issues of Desert Health.

Like many of us, Rogers didn’t grow up living a healthy lifestyle. In fact, her health journey began much later in her life, inspired by integrative doctor Joseph Scherger, MD, author of Lean and Fit.  To address her health concerns as she aged, Dr. Scherger recommended she try a grain-free lifestyle. It wasn’t long before Rogers could see and feel the benefits – and jumped in whole-heartedly. A binder of recipes she created for Dr. Scherger and his patients even found its way to my desk those many years ago.  

“Just do it! Go grain-free. I promise you’ll look and feel better,” encourages Rogers, now in her 70s and enjoying pickleball most mornings, along with an almost daily routine of 60 pushups.

Some of the other secrets to longevity she practices include gratitude, generosity and grace. 

“Sometimes as they age, people become less grateful,” she adds. “Complaining and a lack of appreciation are unnecessary weights so many of us carry.” She considers generosity a great complaint killer, “as many who have this aging-well thing down have figured out.” Looking outside of ourselves and giving to those around us ¬– in even the smallest of ways – is like oxygen to the aging mind and body, she says.

Grace, she concludes, is a small word with huge implications. “As we give grace to others and to ourselves, we give the gift of life.” 

How can you incorporate these age-defying ingredients into your life? Rogers, and others like her, are inspiring examples to follow. It’s quite possible you’ll meet her at one of our valley’s many charitable events – especially her favorite, Loving All Animals. 

As you read this and think about which ingredients are missing from your life, remember, some people simply age, while others age gracefully.

Lauren Del Sarto is founder/publisher of Desert Health. For more information, visit

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