The emotional state FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) took center stage as social media came to fruition. Looking at pictures of fancy trips, friends beaming with accomplishments and individuals’ alluring pastimes may leave us yearning for similar experiences. We might work to keep up and fill our schedules to appear as if we have substantive pursuits. However, there is a healthier option than reacting with FOMO. Moving into JOMO (Joy of Missing Out), may truly feel like a relief and a much needed reprieve.  

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JOMO invites us to lessen our fixation on activities in the outside world, and to hold a level of consciousness about our inner world and what truly pleases us. It requires being present in the moment, stepping away from social media and practicing exploratory work to identify true joys.

My personal experience with FOMO and JOMO allowed me to synthesize this lesson, leading to a personal gift.  I was feeling as if I was one of the last to see the new Acrisure Arena, so I purchased tickets to a concert that I had already seen elsewhere.  While I appreciated the beautiful new venue, I arrived home depleted and playing catch up to recharge my battery on subsequent work nights. Seeing the same performer again fell short of my expectation, and I caught myself longing for a restful night at home. My home is my happy place, yet I allowed others to influence my actions.  

Sometimes FOMO is a catalyst to move out of one’s comfort zone and connect with others, yet true satisfaction in the moment is a noble goal. Life is too short to not have mindful fulfillment. The only true way to know where, when, why and with whom to be is to find the answers within ourselves. Here are some habits to help build our own unique blueprint for JOMO:  

Feel true intention coming from within. Lessen multi-tasking and the urge to be distracted by external stimuli such as scrolling social media, news feeds and phone calls. 

Ground in Nature. On a morning walk, stop and note subtle experiences of nature and your groundedness to earth. When we are reminded that not everything has to be a stage performance, we become more apt to return to nature and the feeling of our body in the moment.  

Be in the moment. Minimize decision paralysis, commit to a pastime and be grateful and “all in” to the experience.  Sometimes having choices leads to an unsettled nature and a shift to FOMO. My daughter experiences FOMO when she can’t decide what to eat and wishes she had chosen something else. Lean into decisions with no regrets. Practice gratitude, and in times where FOMO might set in, be thankful you are embracing the moment with awareness.

Life is a series of trade-offs, and we cannot be immersed in over the top and desirable experiences all the time. Sometimes the true joy of life is taking the road less traveled and knowing it made all the difference.

Jennifer Di Francesco is a wellness explorer and desert adventurist and can be reached at

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