The Workplace Wellness Symposium, organized by Health Assessment and Research for Communities (HARC), aims to promote employee health and well-being within local organizations. Building upon the success of last year’s Workplace Wellness Luncheon, this year’s symposium, scheduled for June 18, focuses on Burnout Prevention.

Last year’s event featured a range of engaging activities and informative sessions, leaving a lasting impact on attendees. Highlights included a keynote address by the esteemed U.S. Surgeon General’s Workplace Wellness Model, sharing effective strategies for enhancing employee wellness and creating thriving work environments. Additionally, a thought-provoking panel discussion with local leaders provided valuable insights into implementing innovative practices to reduce employee stress and turnover.

This year’s symposium continues the tradition of providing beneficial experiences for attendees. Keynote speaker Mark Agars, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Director for the Institute of Child Development and Family Relations at CSU San Bernardino, will share his expertise in diversity management, women’s advancement and work-life balance. Attendees can expect interactive discussions and activities, fostering learning and networking opportunities.

The symposium offers a constructive discussion on preventing workplace burnout in collaboration with the American Heart Association. Attendees can participate in wellness activities, explore resources at the fair and network with peers from diverse organizations.

Tickets are $45 and include a luncheon and raffle prizes. All organizations, including for-profits, nonprofits, schools and government entities, are encouraged to attend and can benefit from this comprehensive initiative. Registration closes on June 16.

The Workplace Wellness Symposium is proudly sponsored by Desert Oasis Health Care which supports the symposium’s mission to enhance workplace wellness. Additional sponsorship opportunities are available offering brand positioning, speaking slots and significant media exposure. Custom packages are available to tailor sponsorships to specific needs.

Participating in the Workplace Wellness Symposium not only demonstrates commitment to employee well-being, but also provides valuable networking and educational resources for organizations aiming to foster healthier and happier workplaces. 

Join us in this collective endeavor towards a healthier future! 

HARC’s Workplace Wellness Symposium takes place Sunday, June 16, at Desert Willow from 11:30am – 1:30pm. For tickets, visit or call (760) 404.1945. For sponsorship opportunities, contact Bernardo Lino at [email protected].

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