Let’s Cultivate More in ’24

When was the last time you heard the word “equanimity”? Most may ponder the question, while those who meditate softly smile and sigh. It’s a good word to know. Equanimity is defined as mental or emotional stability or composure, especially under tension or strain. It’s the act of facing challenges with a calm clarity and… Read more »

$65M @ 65: Golf Continues to Give

This year, our valley’s esteemed PGA TOUR golf tournament, The American Express, celebrates 65 years. The tournament originally launched in 1960 as the Palm Springs Golf Classic. It has seen its share of ups and down over the decades but has grown to become one of sport’s best special events, a nomination proudly received in… Read more »

A New Year Note from Lauren

Happy New Year, Everyone! We are so glad you are here. This edition is bursting with inspiration and tips to help set you on your path to greater wellness, and we all can use that. In a recent conversation with my friend Dr. Susan Murphy, she said studies show that we are under more stress… Read more »

So Much More in ’24

The start of a new year is the ideal time to ask ourselves what we want to change about ourselves or our lives. There is something about a new year that gives us that extra motivation to start fresh and change our lives so we can experience something better. The usual resolutions are weight loss,… Read more »

From High School to Health Care

Indio High Health Academy offers students focused skills that will help them become well-rounded professionals. Through their years in the academy, students learn biotechnology, health care and community service skills that prepare them to work in the health care industry and become active members of their community.  By the time they graduate from the program,… Read more »

Personalized TMS for Mood Disorders

Wandering through the tunnels of your mind, mood disorders create an emotional or physical upset, often impairing your ability to function at your peak. A mood disorder can take many shapes, from continued feelings of melancholy to experiencing emotional turmoil. Understanding and realizing these disorders is a giant leap toward ensuring mental wellness. The treatment… Read more »

Unlocking the Future: AI in Health Care

After exploring the fundamentals of AI in the first article and unraveling its benefits for patient care in the second, it is important to address the other side of the coin: the risks associated with using AI in health care and the essential measures needed to protect patients and their privacy.  Much discussion of the… Read more »

Debra LaCoppola’s Care 360º

Caregiving is hard, especially for those who circumstantially assume the role for a loved one or parent. Statistics show that family caregivers are at significantly higher risk of developing disease, depression, anxiety – and even dying before those for whom they are caring. Why? Because when caregiving for someone who has given so much of… Read more »

New Weight Loss Alternatives

In the dynamic realm of weight loss and health, Semaglutide and Tirzepatide have emerged as transformative agents, offering renewed hope for individuals seeking effective weight loss solutions. Celebrities in Hollywood and the influence of social media have generated both excitement and misconceptions surrounding these new weight loss alternatives.  Let’s delve deeper into the science behind… Read more »

Freedom From FOMO

Before the days of social media (was there a time before social media?), there wasn’t the constant and perpetual inundation of the “go here, see this, try that, buy it now” culture. Back then, “slowbriety,” or taking things one day at a time, seemed to be more the norm because you had to wait to… Read more »

Adopting Healthier Habits this Year?

As we consider our fitness and nutritional goals for the new year, it’s also important to review our oral hygiene practices which can greatly benefit – or deter – our overall well-being.  It is recommended to brush twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste for two minutes to help reduce the risk of cavities and periodontitis.… Read more »

A Guide to Healthy Weight Gain

While health conversations predominantly revolve around weight loss, there is a frequently overlooked group whose goal is to achieve healthy weight gain. This includes athletes or fitness enthusiasts, patients recovering from illness or surgery, some elderly individuals, people with medical conditions that contribute to weight loss (e.g. cancers, gastrointestinal disorders, hyperthyroidism) and those who are… Read more »

Get Your Head in the Game

What keeps golfers from reaching their potential and hitting more good shots?  Most of the time, the problem is interference from intrusive thoughts and emotions. Golfers have a lot going on in their head. For example, while standing over a simple short putt, golfers may think, “Do I have the right line? The last thing… Read more »

2024: Stop, Challenge, Consider, Choose

As we usher in 2024, let this be the year that the rhythm of life is not dictated by its pace but by our deliberate actions—where each step is a conscious choice. By embracing “Stop, Challenge, Consider, Choose,” we create thoughtful intention guiding us towards a more purposeful and hopefully, more peaceful existence.  Stop: The… Read more »

Nature’s Medicine All Around Us

In this series on the medicinal value of local vegetation, I have discussed Fouquieria splendens (Ocotillo) and Larrea tridentata (Creosote bush). Now, we’ll look at Bougainvillea, one of the most decorative plants in the area.  Unlike the previous two plants, Bougainvillea is not native to the desert. This shrubby vine comes from South America and… Read more »