It’s a brand new year – time for new steps, strides and strolls. Let’s get moving.

Getting healthy is literally a step-by-step process, and it can be easy with simple adjustments to how often you move – and making those moves count. So, let’s get that blood flowing through our veins!

Step away from the desk. Many of us have desk jobs, careers that keep us seated behind a computer screen or at boardroom tables or even jobs that keep up standing in one spot for hours a day. These jobs aren’t only demanding on our time, but can be brutal on our bodies as well. Believe it or not, sitting or standing in one place for too long puts undue stress on muscles, joints and nerves that are meant to help our bodies in motion. When these interwoven groups are kept in unnatural positions for too long, it stresses the body and can result in aches, pains and even long-term damage. Not good!

One step at a time. You might be stuck at your desk, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get up and move or engage in some leg or arm lifts. During your lunch break, take the time to eat (preferably a meal with balanced macros and a mineral supplement), but then also take the time to move. Walk the parking lot of the office building. Take the elevator down to the bottom floor (or walk down) and walk back up the stairs.

Even if you don’t have a desk job, just adding short bursts of walking throughout your day can help keep your muscles, joints and heart healthy. Better than that, you can walk for 30 minutes through the local park, through your neighborhood or from your house to the corner store and back. Even walking from the living room to the kitchen can be exercise if you do it purposefully several times in a set of repeated periods of time. Get your heart rate up, keep it up, and you will see and experience the difference over time.

Walking is an easy step towards health you can add to your daily routine. Be sure to support your active body with healthy nutrition, vitamins and minerals to keep muscles loose, joints pain-free and motivation high. Here’s to walking through this spectacular new year!

Candice Nicole is a health advocate and founder of HUmineral food derived mineral nutrients. She can be reached at [email protected] or (818) 400.7657. For more information, visit

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