– gratitude for our family, our friends, our community and for those in our life who make each and every day a little better.

Are you grateful for someone who inspires you towards good health and wellness?  If so, we would like to help you honor them with the Desert Health Wellness Awards.

Now in its third year, the Wellness Awards have become a community celebration of those moving health and wellness forward. Doctors, health care practitioners, fitness studio owners, gyms, health businesses, teachers, students and many everyday people are recognized for the work they do to educate and inspire others in making healthier choices along their journey.

We feature all approved and accepted nominations in issues of Desert Health, finalists in each category are selected, and winners are announced at the festive awards celebration.  This year’s Desert Health Wellness Awards are presented by the Eisenhower Wellness Institute and will be held Thursday, May 18, at Desert Willow Golf Resort.

Our first group of nominees can be found in this issue. Nominations are open now through March 31 and we encourage you to take part. For more information on how you can submit your nomination, visit www.DesertHealthNews.com.

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