Let’s live this New Year full of gratitude

– gratitude for our family, our friends, our community and for those in our life who make each and every day a little better. Are you grateful for someone who inspires you towards good health and wellness?  If so, we would like to help you honor them with the Desert Health Wellness Awards. Now in… Read more »

Closing the Door on 2016

As we wake to another bright and sunny desert morning, a sense of calm has settled over the valley as it is finally 2017, a new year that brings the promise and hope of things to come. As 2016 came to a close, the online world had much say in the usual “Year in Review”… Read more »

Shay’s Story

I woke up that morning like I did every day. However, this time, I knew my life depended all on this particular day. They had to get all the cancer out of my body.  I had barely slept all night, and as I turned on the shower, emotions started to flow. I started crying and… Read more »

Be Sure Your Dentist Knows

Bisphosphonates are a class of medication commonly used to treat osteoporosis or other conditions where bone may be weakened, including some forms of cancer. Many people are familiar with the brand names in this class; the most common medications are Fosamax, Boniva, Actonel, Aredia, Zometa, Reclast and Bonefos. Some of these medications are taken orally… Read more »

Helping You Put your Best Foot Forward

Peek a boo shoes a taboo for you? What about around the pool? Are you someone who’s hiding their feet? If your reason for hiding your feet includes contracted toes, or hammertoes, this article is just for you. In some families, it seems that the contracted toes are hereditary. Actually, it is the foot type… Read more »

You Are Not Your Anger

Are we born angry? All too often, it can feel that way. A recap of a family get together might start off with the best of intentions and sometimes end with voices raised to a high-pitched frenzy over who was right regarding the topic at hand. Well, you know what you get when you’re hell… Read more »

“I Gotta Go” Sounding Familiar These Days?

You’ve seen the commercials and have possibly even joked with friends about a “Flomax moment.” We see men playing golf or enjoying other activities who are constantly interrupted by their urgent need to find a restroom. If you find yourself in this scenario more often nowadays, you are not alone. Over 70% of men in… Read more »

Brain Metastasis Options

Brain metastasis, when cancer cells spread to the brain from primary tumors in other organs in the body, is often regarded with hopelessness. However, new advances in diagnosis and treatment are changing that opinion. Brain metastasis occurs in up to 50% of patients with cancer. As new systemic treatments prolong life, brain metastases become more… Read more »

A Look at Your Eyes

As one who has always enjoyed 20/20 vision, I never thought of going to the eye doctor for a regular checkup. It was only recently that I succumbed to cheaters, and if something more significant had changed with my vision, I would certainly know it. Then Dr. Evans sent us a study stating that patients… Read more »

Electronic Health Care Records (EHRs)

The concept of the medical record has been around since the 1960s following the advent of the first electronic programmable computers in the 1940s and 50s: the Colossus, ENIAC, and UNIVAC. Larry Weed, MD, wrote a seminal paper on the topic of problem-oriented medical records in 1964, entitled Medical Records, Patient Care, and Medical Education… Read more »

Every Shoe Tells a Story

A shoe is like a book. If you know how to read one, you can learn a great deal. Worn out shoes and shoes that do not fit properly can interfere with the feet, pelvis and spine. A survey by the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society showed that 88% of women wear shoes that… Read more »

Bell’s Palsy and Acupuncture

Bell’s palsy, or idiopathic facial palsy, is a nerve disorder that affects muscles on one side of the face causing temporary facial paralysis. It is called idiopathic because it arises suddenly and the exact cause is unknown. It is the result of damage to certain facial nerves. Each facial nerve controls specific muscles on one… Read more »

Gluten Free with Tiffany

Feed Your Genes Back to Health

Historically, science has relied on an antiquated theory of how genes are physically expressed.1 We presumed that DNA, the blueprint of life, translated information one way-from the double helix strands to the physical body at the cellular level. For decades, this theory instilled the belief that our genetic traits were set in stone. Many feared… Read more »

Specialized Massage Therapy for Parkinson’s

The benefits of massage therapy have long been recognized by people with Parkinson’s disease and Parkinsonisms (any condition that causes a combination of the movement abnormalities seen in Parkinson’s disease). Because the diseases typically cause muscle stiffness and rigidity, bodywork’s ability to alleviate joint and muscle stiffness makes it a logical choice for management and… Read more »

Oxidative Stress and Coronary Heart Disease

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), heart disease has been the leading cause of death in the U.S. for the past 80 years. The most common form of heart disease is coronary artery disease (CAD), which can lead to a heart attack. This year, close to 900,000 Americans will suffer a heart attack,… Read more »

Getting Back on Track

After the holidays, many clients come in complaining of constipation, bloating and fatigue and/or feeling sluggish, with headaches and pain. The holidays can do that to us – especially with changes in diet, exercise and water consumption. Every 7 years we have a molecular cell change, every 180 days a blood change and every 7… Read more »

Living Wellness with Jennifer

Riding the Waves of Wellness

We have tides in our life. Just as the waves in the ocean rise and fall based on gravitational forces exerted by the moon, sun and other factors, the health we experience throughout our lives follows the same archetypical pattern of advance and retreat. When we are younger, the tide is behind us, carrying us… Read more »

Reducing Your Toxic Load

Toxins are present in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. They can also be found in the shampoos, toothpaste, perfume, body lotions and creams we use every day. Our entire body, including our DNA, is under endless, daily assault by toxins from a variety of sources around us.… Read more »