Trending Towards the Greater Good

A shift is taking place in the choices we make about food. For generations, we’ve been influenced by taste, traditions and often our waistlines, prioritizing appearance, pleasure and personal satisfaction. But according to international advertising agency TBWA’s new Future of Food report, growing trends are putting people and our planet first. The fascinating compilation was… Read more »

For Our Future

From one generation to the next, the only certainty is change. Throughout the years that separate us, technology and industry advance, policy and leadership shift and world challenges emerge. We go through similar phases. When we’re little, so is our sphere; it helps keep us in that enchanted bubble called childhood. As we grow, so… Read more »

Cocün Wellness Center Planned for Indian Wells

David Delrahim has found his life’s purpose. The successful businessman and CEO of Platinum Energy is prioritizing self-care over spreadsheets, creating a model community focused on well-being in an effort to deter disease and maximize human vitality.  His vision will launch in Indian Wells where Delrahim has purchased the 15-acre lot on Highway 111 west… Read more »

7 Ways to Become a Famous Doctor

Many professionals become experts in their field and long to share their passion, message or innovation with the world. One of the best ways to do this, of course, is via television, radio, print and online platforms which can reach millions. But this aspiration can be challenging – especially for those in the medical field… Read more »

Unlocking the Future: AI in Health Care

Imagine you have a friend who is very smart and knowledgeable based on their experiences and photographic memory. They use what they’ve learned to help you with different tasks and problems. Imagine teaching your friend how to play a card game. At first, they might not know the rules, but with more play, they start… Read more »

To Pink or Not to Pink. That Is The Question.

Well, it’s that time of year again – Breast Cancer Awareness Month – or as many call it, “Pinktober.” I never really understood how many breast cancer survivors dread this month until I had it myself and  really took the time to listen to other people’s viewpoints. But does anyone ever really understand what is… Read more »

A Safe Return from Your World Travels

Travel medicine is a specialty field which concentrates on the health and well-being of individuals traveling internationally. One of the most important aspects is providing preventive information and medical advice related to the health risks associated with specific international destinations. Travel medicine also provides essential information about the prevention of various infections, local health requirements,… Read more »

Prostate Health and Cataract Surgery

How does prostate health affect cataract surgery? One of the most common medications used to treat benign prostate hypertrophy is Flomax, also known as tamsulosin. If you look carefully at the labeling on Flomax, there is a warning for patients undergoing cataract surgery of which many may be unaware.   Flomax works by blocking the… Read more »

Branding: Build it and They Will Come

You’ve spend a good portion of your life studying and perfecting your trade. You are passionate about your work and have garnered recognition for a job well done. You have established your own practice and business is steady. You are well respected by both your peers and patients, and honored by the referrals they generate.… Read more »

Why do I Need a Root Canal?

Have you ever been told you may need a root canal but have no idea why? Many patients associate root canal treatment with dental pain. This specialized procedure is performed to treat infection and/or infection in the tooth’s pulp tissue, which consists of nerve fibers and blood vessels. During treatment, the damaged portion of the… Read more »

DAP Health Acquires Borrego Health

DAP Health has successfully completed their acquisition of Borrego Health, a federally qualified health center serving San Diego County, the Inland Empire and the Western Riverside, Eastern Coachella Valley and Mountain Pass regions. The move will bring DAP’s award-winning, holistic, patient-centric model of health care to more communities and thousands more individuals and families throughout… Read more »

The Dangers of Hidden Anger

When a toddler has a meltdown because they didn’t get the Skittles they had to have, they are seeking autonomy and a sense of independence by stating, “I am me! I am here! Listen to me!” However, an adult losing it with a loved one, impulsively reacting with insults or sarcasm, can be a sign… Read more »

When Dreams Come True

Do nighttime dreams actually come true? According to groundbreaking, peer-reviewed breast cancer dream research published in the National Library of Medicine,1 the answer is a resounding “Yes.”  While ‘dreams come true’ standardly elicits positive emotion, some precognitive dreams can actually predict illness, which was the basis for the aforementioned study where dreams were validated by… Read more »

Harvesting Gratitude This Fall

Autumn, with its traditionally referenced vibrant foliage and crisp air, provides a perfect backdrop for cultivating gratitude. As nature prepares for a season of rest, we also can mirror this process in our own lives by embracing mindfulness and appreciation, and spending time in reflection and letting go.  Yoga, a practice that harmonizes the mind,… Read more »

Nazis, Norwegians and the Plant-based Diet

Good news rarely follows the devastation caused by World War. Lost lives, jobs and the familiarity of everyday reality is upended affecting every aspect of life. Food and water, the basic factors that sustain life, are no less affected as well. However, in the country of Norway, positive health effects did come out of World… Read more »

The Power of Electroacupuncture

Electroacupuncture (EA) is evolving every day with new research and studies on how best to harness its power and effectiveness for various health issues including pain management, chronic or acute conditions, inflammation reduction and tissue repair, and healing. As an enhancement to traditional acupuncture, EA adds a very slight electrical current via tiny clips attached… Read more »

Why and How to Go Organic

Why is today’s younger generation facing more chronic diseases such as joint pain, autoimmune, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular than our grandparents’ generation? What we are putting in our bodies on a daily basis has much to do with it.  Our bodies are built to process and receive all our nutrients from food, which should maintain… Read more »

The Miraculous Medicine of a Grateful Heart

Amidst the busyness of life, it is easy to forget the little things that contribute to our overall health and wellness.  Gratitude, defined as an appreciation of the good things in one’s life, is one of those often-overlooked things. Recent research in quantum science and psychology, however, indicates that one of the most powerful components… Read more »