When was the last time you were out of your mind? Not with the help of outside influences, but on your own accord. Completely and utterly absent from thought, rumination and responsibility. 

Our minds never seem to stop thinking, planning and problem solving, especially during this vibrant time of year. 

Busy brain has its benefits, doesn’t it? We stay on top of things, feel accomplished, on the ball. We stay ahead of guilt that can accompany falling behind. All our French hens are in a tidy little row. 

But it can also be exhausting. Life passes too quickly. We often look back and wonder where the time went. 

Taking moments throughout our day to just be, to pause our thoughts, clear our minds and open our eyes to really see what’s around us can actually slow the stopwatch. 

This simple act takes conscious effort, but the results may surprise you and may leave you wanting more. The world tends to look different. Your clear head allows space for your uninhibited heart to take a step forward. You have feelings for your visual field and may even smile to yourself with awe and wonder. It can feel as if time has stopped.

It’s not only our view that can change. Taking a break from mental chatter calms us within and puts our entire body at ease. Even momentary pauses can have significant benefits in easing stress, anxiety, low mood and high blood pressure. We come back a little lighter.

Sounds crazy, but if you want to make memories that last, stop, take a moment and feel them. Put your thoughts and to-do lists aside and Just Be. The benefits will last much longer than those check marks, and Father Time may even stop to tip his hat. 

Happy holidays from the Desert Health team!

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