Guests can come early to enjoy the one-acre Oasis and soak in the healing mineral waters.

 It’s a tepid desert evening as the sky fades from sunset to dusk. Small floating lights sway on a crystal blue pool surrounded by hundreds of flickering candles. Soothing music and the scent of lavender fill the air. You take a deep breath and snuggle into your plush blanket and pillow as your floating vessel softly moves across the water. The stars shine above as sound bath practitioners began playing their beautiful vibrational bowls. 

You have nowhere to be, but in the moment.   

Transporting people from their daily routines into an immersive sensory experience is the inspiration for Good Vibes Sound Bath, co-founded by Desert Health Publisher Lauren Del Sarto and Social Media Manager Michelle Steadman.

“With so much stress in the world, we all know we need to take a break and check out, but most of us don’t take the time to do so,” says
Del Sarto. “We wanted to create a calming experience which could excite, yet transform guests from busy brain to unadulterated relaxation.”

“When you’re comfortably floating on water, you have nowhere to be, and it’s not long before your mind settles into the moment,” adds Steadman. “It’s incredible to see and to hear how powerful the experience is for our guests.”

“We’re saving your space,” says Good Vibes Co-founder and Desert Health Publisher Lauren Del Sarto. (Photo by Lani Garfield)

The duo are taking Good Vibes Sound Bath to country clubs and private estates throughout the valley, offering up to 30 on water experiences and additional “on land” opportunities via lounge chairs and yoga mats. They have also partnered with Azure Palm Hot Springs featuring California’s largest mineral spring pool to offer ticketed events for the community. “We love this refined resort allowing guests the opportunity to come early and enjoy their soaking tubs, reflexology stream, sauna, bucket plunge and more,” says Steadman. “It is the ultimate afternoon for relaxation and rejuvenation.” Guests can also add overnight accommodations which standardly sell out through season.

“It’s truly an immersive experience,” concludes Del Sarto. “Our greatest joy is seeing busy people taking time for themselves and the change we see as they slowly depart with pure joy on their face.”  

For information on scheduled events, visit For booking, contact [email protected] or call (760) 238.0245.

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