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Celebrating Mother Earth

In this shiny New Year, we take a look at our relationship with nature. When was the last time you enjoyed the great outdoors, went camping or strolled on the beach? In today’s society, we’ve done a good job of isolating ourselves from Mother Earth, and it seems to be harming our health.

So with this New Year’s issue, our wellness recommendation is simple: kick off your shoes.

Our lead feature looks at grounding, a global wellness trend with roots in our valley of which we can be very proud. Earthing pioneer Clint Ober shares memories of his mid-western youth with Native Americans and how they turned to Mother Earth for answers and healing. In Living Wellness with Jennifer Di Francesco, we learn of the Peruvian practice of honoring Pachamama, as she is called there.

It’s no coincidence that grounding is growing at the same time energy medicine is evolving in both the allopathic and natural medicine worlds. Who provides more energy than Mother Earth? She – and we – are all part of a very powerful and energetic universe, and when we live life in the same direction as that universal energy flow, things go smoothly for us; when we go against the grain, things become challenging.

Both Jayne Robertson and Tracy Smith offer related insights in their respective articles, Inner Space, Inner Peace and The Power of Emotion through Affirmation, Intention and Prayer. Jay Anderson shares The Healing Sounds of Music (vibrational energy flow) and Leah Wiltgen offers tips on maintaining our lymphatic system, our “internal river of life”.

We are all part of the same universal energy flow, and we need our Mother Earth. So kick off your shoes, get grounded and embrace the energy around you which is there for one purpose – to make you a healthier and more complete human being.

Here’s to a flowing New Year for all ~

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto


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