Thank you to all who took part in the 2019 Desert Health Wellness Awards! 

Photos of the spectacular evening can be viewed on our Facebook page

and will appear in the July/Aug issue of Desert Health.

The 2019 Desert Health Wellness Awards are proudly sponsored by  Eisenhower Health, Fresh Juice Bar, NBC Palm Springs, Cambria USA, Desert Oasis Healthcare, Isning Gamez, Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital and Prime Time Produce.

This year’s event featured a variety of gourmet cuisine including Paleo, Mediterranean and the newly added Raw Vegetarian in honor of guest speaker Mimi Kirk. We were thrilled to present two speakers this year in addition to our beloved farmer’s market and prized Desert Health tote to carry all your goodies home:

Best Selling Author Mimi Kirk

Health and longevity advocate and author, Mimi Kirk

At the age of 80, Mimi Kirk is a visionary and advocate for health and longevity. As an international speaker, certified raw food plant-based chef, and health and life coach, she is devoted to sharing her experience on how to life with vibrant health and happiness through diet and transformational thinking. Her acclaimed work includes Live Raw, Live Raw Around the World, The Ultimate Book of Modern Juicing, Raw-Vitalize, H2oh, The Plant-Based Dog Food Revolution, and Tea-Vitalize due out summer 2019.

Integrative Doctor William Grimm, DO

With 25 years as a primary care physician, Palm Springs doctor William Grimm has always practiced an holistic approach and recently added two naturopathic doctors to his practice newly named Pure Health. Dr. Grimm is the future of primary care as we hope to see it.

In addition to our speakers, guests will enjoy themed dining stations representing Paleo, Mediterranean, and this year, a Mimi Kirk approved raw food station.  Beautiful décor of vegetables will be placed throughout the venue before turning into a farmer’s market for guests to take home in their complimentary wellness totes.

Health and longevity advocate and author, Mimi Kirk

The Wellness Awards were created in 2014 as an extension of Desert Health®’s mission to encourage healthy lifestyle choices and recognize those moving health and wellness forward in our community. Over 150 individuals, businesses and health care practitioners have now been nominated. Past speakers have included The New York Times best-selling authors William Davis, MD, (Wheat Belly) and integrative doctor Steven Gundry, MD, (The Plant Paradox).

Nomination categories for the 2019 Desert Health® Wellness Awards include Individual, Business, Integrative Practitioner (for licensed health practitioners), and Youth (18 and under). All nominees are featured here.

The event proudly benefits Coachella Valley Volunteers in Medicine and the Human Health Initiative.

For sponsorship information, please contact Desert Health at (760) 238.0245. [email protected].

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