September shepherds in a new school year, the promise of cooler weather and the beginning of another festive season in our desert. While leaves may not fall around us and sweaters stay tucked away, both can be enjoyed with short trips to Oak Glen or Julian where apples and seasonal traditions abound.

Locally we’ll celebrate with a fall family gathering, western hoedown, festive brunch, inspiring walks and a world of wines as Desert Events return and all are encouraged to take part in the spirit of giving back.

Kids aren’t the only ones returning to school this fall. Many events offer education for the ages such as Desert Health’s CSUSB OLLI series “Your Best Health Now” featuring many of your favorite columnists and contributors. You’ll also be inspired by Women Leaders Forum’s Let’s Interact Speaker Series. Both are open to all who wish to attend and we invite you to join us.

As with the new fall season, this issue is bursting with gratitude, from doctors expressing joy for life’s simple pleasures, health coaches inspiring everyday miracles, nutrition and wellness tips to encourage good health and a beautiful book that will bring you home to nature

Thank you for bringing us along on your journey. Whether on the trail, in the classroom or celebrating a good cause, we look forward to seeing you out and about. 

Cheers to your health ~

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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