Are you doing OK?

When was the last time you stopped – really stopped – and asked yourself this question? The true answer doesn’t come from aching body parts or overwhelmed brain chatter. It is found when you become still, close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and reach deep inside to ask, “Hey there, how are… Read more »

Hiking for the Health of It

We all know hiking is good for you. It’s an aerobic exercise that gets you moving out in nature. But the benefits to mind, body and soul go much deeper; deeper than you could ever imagine until you read Hiking! The Ultimate Prescription for Health and Wellness by Palm Springs residents Philip Ferranti and Cecilia… Read more »

Welcome Fall

September shepherds in a new school year, the promise of cooler weather and the beginning of another festive season in our desert. While leaves may not fall around us and sweaters stay tucked away, both can be enjoyed with short trips to Oak Glen or Julian where apples and seasonal traditions abound. Locally we’ll celebrate… Read more »

Desert Regional Residency Program

This past June, Desert Regional Medical Center’s (DRMC) Graduate Medical Education (GME) program graduated 19 resident physicians including the first in their seven-year neurological surgery program. The class included eight in emergency medicine, eight in family medicine, three in neurological surgery and one in emergency ultrasound. DRMC’s residency program initially launched in response to the… Read more »

Halitosis: What Causes Bad Breath?

One of the most common oral health concerns for patients is halitosis, also known as bad breath, which can often lead to uncomfortable situations. While common, many who suffer are unaware of the causes and often simple treatments to address the problem.  While many causes are harmless, bad breath can sometimes be a sign of… Read more »

The Simple Things

As our worlds have opened after COVID, and I have regained my health after cancer, I have contemplated what sustained me through these past couple of years. What I concluded is that the simplest of things have been the most important. Somehow noticing the daily gifts present all around me makes me feel most alive… Read more »

Sepsis: A Medical Emergency

Vacation plans were set, and Kate had a UTI (urinary tract infection) starting. Her doctor prescribed an antibiotic, and the family hit the road. Day three of the trip, she developed a fever and felt light-headed with lower-than-normal blood pressure. Since she also has diabetes, her doctor sent her to the emergency room – she… Read more »

How Well is Your Workplace?

This past June, HARC held their annual Workplace Wellness Symposium entitled, “We’re all in this together – Navigating Through Changing Times.” The virtual event featured four experts on the topics of work-life balance, diversity equity and inclusion, stress management at work and much more. This valuable program is beneficial to anyone managing a team and… Read more »

Exercising for Brain Health

In 2017, The Lancet published a study that found nearly 3% of all Alzheimer’s cases may be caused by a lack of exercise. Since then, there is growing research identifying the protective effect of physical activity against aging-associated dementia. Some evidence also suggests exercise can increase the levels of neuroprotective growth factors, boost the generation… Read more »

The Missing Link

Most of us take vitamin supplements, but what about minerals? Minerals are natural organic matter created over time and found in the earth’s many elements. Before commercial farming, nutrient-dense minerals were plentiful in our soil and the foods we ate. Today’s fruits and vegetables are often void of these substances due to depleted soils, thus,… Read more »

Change Begins with Questions

Years ago, my older brother had type 2 diabetes which he managed with insulin injections. Eventually his kidneys failed, and after five years of dialysis and multiple secondary complications, he passed.  When my brother first told me he had diabetes, it scared me. I knew how it could end and that I was also at… Read more »

Spice Rack Medicine: Turmeric

With the “Food as Medicine” conference in town this September, I thought it fitting to spotlight one of the healthiest spices around, turmeric. Turmeric has climbed the spice ladder and is one of the latest crazes in food stardom. This fame is well deserved, from its sacred color to its long list of health benefits.… Read more »

LOVE Your Wellness Routine

Whether you have never had a wellness routine or have just been side tracked, the fall season is always a great time to begin anew or begin again. With so many options and opportunities for wellness, it can get confusing and overwhelming which then leads to procrastination or feeling stuck. So, here are some tried-and-tested… Read more »

Seeing the Miracles in Everyday Life

How are you choosing to see life today? Do you see the ordinary in the extra-ordinary, or do you see the extra-ordinary in the ordinary? Whichever viewpoint you choose, the truth we all hopefully come to realize is that life is simply a miracle.  For much of my life, I found it very difficult to… Read more »

The Virtue of Walking

Jean Jacques Rousseau, a philosopher from the 1700s, expressed his fondness for walking by maintaining, “We think at walking pace. What is revealed when walking and thinking at the same pace is the pace of everything around me. My mind only works with my legs.” I profoundly enjoyed the great virtue of walking on a… Read more »

Mark Hyman, MD’s The Pegan Diet

Mark Hyman, MD is the author of more than 20 books on nutrition.  Like me, he trained in family medicine and is now a champion for functional medicine. As a leader in the field, he has served as chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine and the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine for many… Read more »