As our worlds have opened after COVID, and I have regained my health after cancer, I have contemplated what sustained me through these past couple of years. What I concluded is that the simplest of things have been the most important. Somehow noticing the daily gifts present all around me makes me feel most alive and present. Here is my list…what is yours?

The Paradigm Shift in Medicine Today
  • Being with the hummingbird who comes to look me in the eyes as I water the flowers.
  • The green anole lizard who puffs his brilliant red neck for me to see.
  • The firecracker bushes in my favorite color providing nectar for the birds and bees.
  • The plumeria in riotous silent bloom scenting the side yard.
  • The lime tree loaded with abundance and healing.
  • The jasmine blooming wildly and sharing scent as I drink my morning coffee.
  • The sound of water in our pool as the sparkling blue conveys coolness and restoration.
  • The dining table where we have been as likely to eat as to cover with plastic bags so we could paint with abandon.
  • The tree in our front yard, where my children climbed, that watches over buried fish and bearded dragons and provides shade over our home.
  • The doves that call and calm my soul.
  • The colorful lizards that run and eat bugs and make this yard their play space.
  • Our dogs who were always present through ups and downs of our lives.
  • The geckos who come at night so consistently that they feel like family.

When I notice each of these, I am filled with gratitude. I am in the moment. There is nothing more that I need.

Dr. Brossfield is the founding physician of XO Health and medical director of Brain Performance Center, both in Rancho Mirage. She can be reached at (760) 573.2761 or and on Facebook @XOHealth.

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