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Warm up Winter with Ginger Oil

Jennifer DiFrancescoMany of us know ginger from the dollop of pinkish shaved root plant on our sushi tray sitting next to the wasabi. This root plant has a hint of lemon and a hint of pepper taste with an aroma that heightens the senses. The stem of the ginger plant has been used for centuries. Ginger oil was distilled from the thick stem of the plant and digested as a liquid spice by sailors traveling the high seas who discovered it can help prevent nausea.

Nowadays, ginger is commonly recommended for queasiness during pregnancy, cancer treatment and other treatments that create nausea. Other uses of ginger oil include sub topical application to warm muscles and inhalation to relieve headaches and break up congestion from the common cold.

During the winter months it is important for us to have a few essential oils on hand to help warm the body and joints, stimulate circulation and help with respiratory clearing. There are many ways to use ginger oil as a remedy. Added to your vaporizer, it can help relieve chest congestion, or better yet take a little to your next spa visit and place a small amount on your chest before entering the steam room. Blend the oil with carrier oil such as jojoba for a massage, or dilute ginger oil in a warm bathtub. It can also be blended into a non-scented base cream for muscle strains or to assist with circulation.

ginger oilLiquid gold ginger oil has a woodsy- spicy smell and, because of its many health benefits, is the perfect wintertime gift.

Jennifer is a Desert native with 20 years of experience in the spa industry. She is the Spa and Sports Club Director at Toscana Country Club in Indian Wells.

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