We have all had those times in our lives when we are momentarily able to see that we may have lost sight of that which is really important.

Maybe we think we are the only one who is suffering emotionally. Then comes that moment when, in lashing out at someone for being uncaring about our situation, it becomes apparent that he or she is suffering as well, and that we are the cause. Or maybe we are lucky enough to be with someone who has less than we do, but is happy to share what little he or she has in spite of what tomorrow may (or may not) bring. In such moments, we realize, in our own humility, that we have been blind to the existence of our own greater estate.

Even more important than this initial revelation is the one that follows. It appears within our new awareness. We can now see, by the faintest light, that we had mistaken ourselves for someone we are not. And in this self-awakening, we are granted that first priceless glimmer of self-knowledge that is sought after by all who strive to find their inner truth. We begin to see that we have been playing host to an unconscious nature that is blind to the world, and would have us believe that its little selfdom is the same as our actual True Nature.

How can such a deception take place in us and go undetected? We would never willingly agree to be the blind agent of that which makes another human being ache, let alone hurt our own chances to grow into a kind and compassionate being. And yet the evidence reveals that we are indeed living under the sway of self-compromising influences that are invisible to us.

Our True Nature is not some static line drawn upon a horizontal plane, where access to what we may become depends upon what is already known. We are at our core creatures of the universe who continue to grow. Beings whose original and celestial self is not only born of light, but also intended to live unbound.

It is this higher, yet still hidden Self of ours that beckons us to realize and enter into a greater life. And though its whispered wisdom often gets lost in the din of other voices that tell us what we need and where to look, if we listen closely enough, our True Self will have us know.

Whenever we start to feel small it’s only because we have unconsciously identified ourselves with life’s little things. If you’re tired of feeling walled in by unwanted circumstances, nagging doubts, or the weight of an unforgiving past, its time to let go and open the doors to a brand new phase of your life.

Jasenka Sabanovic is a Certified Life Coach and owner of Coaching to Vision offering individual life coaching and group workshops. For additional information and workshop schedules call 760-799-0523 or visit www.CoachingToVision.com

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