Whether you wear makeup regularly or hardly ever, the holidays are a festive time to add that little extra sparkle and let your spirit glow. Here are some tips to help you shine:

Holiday hues: red and gold. Show your holiday spirit with incredible red and gold makeup. Determine the right shade of red that accents your features. Is it a cool blue red, or a warm orange red? Use gold eyeshadows to accent your eye area on the lid – and a little mixed in with your blush! You can go for the red lipstick and a heavier eyeliner this time of year. Use a liquid glitter eyeliner from the inner corner of your eyes and line about one-third of the way out on your lower eyelashes.

Keep it soft and sweet. Sometimes, the softer side of makeup is all a girl wants in life. Choose a lipstick, lip gloss, and eyeshadow all within the same pink shade family. Or, choose smokey eyes, a good option for just about everyone. Highlight the eye shadow with different colors in eye pencils.

Ready for mistletoe. Plumping products and injections can be pricey, and you can create that same illusion using a lip pencil, concealer and the right lipstick. Once you’re done applying your lipstick, dab an angled concealer brush into some concealer and apply a thin line just around your lips to clean up any stray marks and make your lips look crisp and, as desired, more voluptuous.

New Year’s Eve is the moment your glitter lipstick has been waiting for. Apply your favorite deep red lipstick, then put on some matching lip gloss so the surface of your lips is a little sticky. Grab a wet lip brush and a pot of red or even gold glitter, and gently press the glitter into your top and bottom lips.

Lasting brows. No matter what kind of celebratory makeup you do, you must remember one important thing: your eyebrows. Using an angled brush and powder, fill in your brows for a more defined look. Seal the deal by adding a bit of brow gel to a brush or even a shot of hairspray to your brush/comb and apply to your eyebrows to set everything in place.

Glowing skin. There’s glamor to be found, too, going low key with simple, yet magical, glowing skin. You’ll need a loose powder highlighter, a fluffy face brush and a spray bottle of water. Put highlighter on the brush, tap to get off the excess, spritz with water, and apply along your cheekbones to bring out your inner luminescence!

And, always remember the “décolleté” when dressing up for the holidays. Over-the-counter body crèmes are sold that contain gold glitter and often a soft fragrance. Add a little to the décolleté area, as well as your upper shoulders to top off your beautiful holiday shine.

Happy Holidays!

Michele McDonough is a strategic consultant and executive recruiter in the field of health and beauty. She is also co-founder of Women’s Power Circle and can be reached at [email protected].

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