The cozy courtyard features outdoor dining.

Just off the bustling streets of downtown Palm Springs is a cozy café that immediately transports you to the French countryside. Walking down a narrow alley off the La Plaza corridor brings you to a white wooden gate that is the entrance to FARM.

Many already know this little gem and realize that getting in for their sensational breakfast or lunch can be a lengthy wait. Put your name in and take a stroll around town; they will text you when your table is ready. On a beautiful Saturday morning, my mom and I did just that, and believe me, it is definitely worth the wait.

Caprese salad

If you haven’t been to FARM in the past year and a half, you need to return to experience the personality that new owner Liz Ostoich and her family have incorporated – from the French-inspired menu to the warm and artistic décor.

There are many things that make FARM special, but the indoor-outdoor seating is at the top of the list. The garden space includes five historic bungalows that served as shop owner studios in the 1930s. A wooden trellis with blooming vines connects the structures and offers a soft canopy for outdoor diners. Inside, authentic wooden tables and chairs are set around the fireplaces, and an array of colorful glasses and silverware adorn the settings throughout.

Coffee is served in individual French presses.

FARM prides itself on fresh ingredients and creative cuisine. There is no freezer or microwave, and produce, organic meats and fresh farm eggs are sourced from within 100 miles when possible – truly farm-to-table. Most of their menu can be prepared gluten-free; vegans may have more limited options as most French dishes start with eggs, butter or cream.

Their Brittany-style buckwheat crepes are offered with smoked salmon, Portobello mushrooms, or slow-cooked apples and butter, to name a few variations. They offer a large array of omelets and salads, and their “curiosities” include a decadent bacon, chicken and waffle dish, as well as a Spanish breakfast with polenta, peppers and salsa verde. My chicken BLT on gluten-free bread was delectable, as was Mom’s perfectly seasoned French onion soup.

Short ribs with mashed potatoes

FARM serves breakfast and lunch daily, and in October 2016 added a pre-fixe menu on Fridays and Saturdays that is “at the whim of the chef.” The evening’s five-course menu is presented nightly with appetizer, entrée and dessert selections, coupled with an amuse bouche and palate cleanser. To ensure that you enjoy your flavorful evening, they book each table for only one party per night.

Chicken salad BLT with aioli on toasted gluten-free bread

I took my husband back for a magical date night. Live musicians played acoustic folk, and a bright moon shone down on the romantic calm around us. Courses were perfectly spaced and two hours passed in no time. Everything was exceptionally presented and tasty; however, while Tom’s short ribs melted in your mouth, I found my chicken piccata a bit dry. Next time I’ll opt for something more unique. The amuse bouche was a very tender (and delicious!) filet strip on mashed potatoes with gravy.

Historic studios host indoor dining.

There is an extensive craft beer menu, festive mixology cocktails, and an international wine list. Coffee is served in a French press and fresh loose-leaf teas are offered.

We highly recommend you escape from the norm and take a trip to FARM.

FARM is located at 6 La Plaza in Palm Springs. They are open 9a-2p Monday – Saturday and 8a-2p on Sundays. Their pre-fixe menu is offered Friday and Saturdays from 6p-9:30p and reservations are recommended (no reservations for breakfast and lunch). For more information visit or call (760) 322.2724.

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