juice-bar-01As many people are switching from coffee to green drinks these days, and from fast food to living foods, juice bars are essential to every community. Fortunately, we now have Fresh Juice Bar, the Valley’s newest stop for a healthy snack or meal. The smells of fresh fruit and vibrant greens fill your senses as the light illuminates inside Fresh where owner Marcie Madain and her team offer 99% organic ingredients and a variety of healthy – and affordable – options for on the go. Made-to-order meals include:

Green Drinks, which are a great alternative to coffee because they have 0% caffeine and 100% vitamins. I recommend the PHix made with spinach, chard, lemon, pear, celery, cucumber, parsley, and ginger. It may not sound like a satisfying alternative, but one taste and you’ll realize that fresh greens served like this can truly be addictive.

Fresh Smoothies start with homemade almond milk (not sugary juices) and it’s hard to choose from the large variety, but the MacaMama is sure to please. Raw maca, a medicinal plant that helps calm stress while increasing energy, is combined with raw coconut manna, coconut water, raw cacao nibs (the bean that chocolate is derived from), cinnamon, banana, and sea salt. Another great alternative is the Black Forest smoothie, a green smoothie made of all the right ingredients to satisfy cravings. It is a blend of kale, black cherries, almonds, coconut water, raw cocoa powder, banana, and vanilla bean.

Fresh Bowls have quickly become a fan favorite. These big, hearty meals-in-a-cup have an ice cream-like consistency, but are full of good-for-you ingredients like acai and pitaya. Acai berries and pitaya (also known as dragon fruit) are high in antioxidants and fiber and low in sugar. These frozen berries are blended and topped with bananas, granola, berries, and optional agave syrup. (Watch the natural sugar quantity in these!)

juice-bar-02Fresh Juice Bar has also teamed up with Desert Detox and Fit in 42, two popular weight loss programs here in the Valley, to offer tailored fitness drinks – such as protein shakes and detox drinks – good for promoting healthy digestion and eliminating toxins whether you are in these programs or not.

Fresh has created a community environment where we can all come together in the name of health. Be sure to stop in to cool off from the heat and try one of Fresh Juice Bar’s brilliant creations.

Editor’s Note: Marley is our resident 20-something and introduced us to Fresh. Upon numerous visits, I noticed that hers is the average age, which tells me the next generation GETS IT! But you are never too old to embrace healthier habits, so we encourage you to make Fresh a part of your routine.

Fresh Juice Bar is located near the corner of Hwys 74 & 111 in Palm Desert. They are open daily from 7am-5pm (Mon-Fri), 8am-4pm Saturday and 8am-2pm on Sunday. Made to order delights range in price from $5.95 to $8.99. (760) 837-9777

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