Desert Health, in partnership with Restore Hyper Wellness, proudly presents our 2023 Living Well Speaker Series. 

The monthly presentations showcase esteemed valley doctors and health care professionals starting in July and running through December. The complimentary educational program is open to everyone interested in learning about vitality and proactive well-being. 

Guest speakers include integrative doctor Joseph Scherger, MD of Restore Health Disease Reversal, speaking on “Aging Gracefully” (7/19); naturopathic doctor Shannon Sinsheimer, ND of Optimal Health Center, discussing “How and Why to Detox Naturally” (9/20); and functional medicine specialist Jeralyn Brossfield, MD of Brain Performance Center and XO Health, educating us on “Reversing and Preventing Cognitive Decline” (11/8);

In October, we bring back our well-received panel of professionals discussing natural options for pain management including physical therapist Vince Kambe, DPT; naturopathic doctors Sonja Fung, ND and Delaney Quick, ND; and acupuncturist Diane Sheppard, PhD, LAc (10/25).

Attendees can also learn about Restore Hyper Wellness’s many healing and wellness modalities including cryotherapy, mild hyperbaric, red light therapy, nutritional and NAD+ IVs, biomarker assessments and more. The national franchise, which promotes proactive wellness services, was recently opened in Palm Desert by local health advocates Jeff Smith, DO, Alma Smith of Orangetheory, along with Will and Katy Norris and Keith Brown.

Guests will enjoy complementary beverages and nutritious, light plant-based appetizers by Chef Anthony Cruz, owner of Alimentos

All are invited to join us for these complimentary presentations; space is limited and reservations are required. Taking place at Restore Hyper Wellness located in the Jensen’s Plaza, 73-567 Highway 111, Suite G-1, from 5 – 7p on each noted date.

To RSVP for the Living Well Speaker Series, please call Restore Hyper Wellness at (760) 505-3000. For more information, visit our Sponsored Events section.

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