One weekend in May, I got a strong desire to go camping, to simply “check out,” live in the moment and spend time appreciating nature. But it was Thursday, and we couldn’t find an open site. Noticing my sulking shoulders, my husband proposed, “Why don’t we just camp here?”

The crazy idea got me excited. As I looked around our backyard, I realized we had everything we could ask for – a fire pit, barbecue, lake (well, pool), and room for a small pup tent, along with the bonus of a large fridge and indoor bathroom. We pledged to do as much as we could outdoors, from prepping food to perking coffee on the grill. 

We made no plans, pretended we weren’t home and had the time of our lives. It was easy to fully relax and be in each moment. We noticed more butterflies and birds than ever before, and watching the sun rise from inside our little tent gave us a whole new perspective on our everyday world. We felt like kids and left the tent up for a week just so we could crawl back in for
that sunrise.

When was the last time you played with your imagination? As adults, we don’t do that enough, and I highly recommend it. I still smile when I think of that weekend and can’t wait for our next “journey.”

I hope this issue inspires you to try something new. Whether it’s using your imagination, stepping outside of your comfort zone or simply trying one of the healthy offerings in our print edition, the goal is to make you smile and feel good.

Have a magical summer, and thanks for taking us along!

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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