Anything is Possible

Our New Way of Thinking

Doesn’t it seem that many are in transition right now? Friends are changing jobs or starting new careers, others are taking sabbaticals and time to figure out their next steps, neighbors are selling homes and moving away, and businesses are reinventing the way to work. The new normal is looking quite different as people emerge… Read more »

Live Your Imagination

One weekend in May, I got a strong desire to go camping, to simply “check out,” live in the moment and spend time appreciating nature. But it was Thursday, and we couldn’t find an open site. Noticing my sulking shoulders, my husband proposed, “Why don’t we just camp here?” The crazy idea got me excited.… Read more »

Janet Zappala

Heading Back Home

Born and raised in LA, I’ve decided it’s time to head home. So, how do I say goodbye to the people and place that has brought me so much joy and satisfaction? A place that stands alone in its natural beauty and serenity. A place where the people have treated me with great affection and… Read more »

mentoring the future

The Nonchalance of Common Rights

As a teacher of multicultural English literature in a high school California Partnership Academy, we explore topics relative to mental health, public safety and current events, including health care and social justice. In the past year, notwithstanding the pandemic, civil rights were an inescapable topic of discussion for my sophomore students. The 2020-21 school year… Read more »

Diagnostic Dreams and Your Health

What do dreams, drawings and Dr. Oz have in common? The short answer is health. The longer answer is health, healing, the diagnosis of life-threatening illnesses, research by Drs. Larry Burk and Bernie Siegel, and the Dr. Oz Show: The Sixth Sense — Shocking Premonitions (Jan. 28, 2017) about lifesaving precognitive dreams.  After two recent… Read more »

Studies Support Tips for Reducing Dementia Risks

The release of the 2020 report of The Lancet Commission published findings suggesting “untreated hearing loss in midlife as the largest modifiable risk factor” for dementia prevention, intervention and care.1 According to Denis Hampton, PhD, approximately 50 million people worldwide live with dementia. The Lancet Commission research team has projected this alarming number will increase… Read more »

“Help! The Room is Spinning!”

You’re feeling dizzy. Do quick movements of your head or bending over increase your dizziness? How about looking up? Does turning over or getting in and out of bed cause things to spin more? According to a standardized test known as the Dizziness Handicap Inventory, answering yes to some or all of these questions is… Read more »

The Benefits of Tai Chi at Any Age

Tai Chi Chuan has been practiced by millions of people across the globe for centuries. Tai chi, at its most basic, is a set of movements based on martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine, which are memorized and practiced slowly and with intention. This “meditation in motion” deliberately focuses both your mind and body on… Read more »

The Free and Easy Wanderer

Wouldn’t it be nice to glide through life without a care in the world like a free and easy wanderer? It is certainly a nice dream, but not reality for most of us. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), we have a famous herbal formula called Xiao Yao San, which means “free and easy wanderer.” It… Read more »

Self-Love and Approval

Over the years, research has shown us that those who struggle with self-love or self-approval have usually experienced some form of struggle in their childhood, which in return has impacted their self-trust, self-worth, and even self-motivation. This experience is not necessarily from abuse; it could have been neglect or lack of acknowledgement during the fundamental… Read more »

FDA Controversy Over NAC Supplement

Cysteine is an amino acid your body uses to create collagen, the major type of protein in connective tissue. Besides building your hair, skin and nails, cysteine helps convert glucose to energy and is a component of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant. Cysteine is classified as “conditionally essential,” meaning your cells can create it if other… Read more »

The Powerful Benefits of NAD+

Youthfulness and longevity is the ultimate health goal, right? It’s no wonder anti-aging supplements and products are popping up everywhere. We all strive to feel and look amazing, but many of these marketed products aren’t backed by scientific research and can potentially be a waste of money. One product that many naturopathic and functional medicine… Read more »