Shonna Perry, Certified Health Coach

Shonna Perry, Certified Health Coach

I don’t think mine does. My scale really doesn’t care that I am a great listener. It can’t define my purpose in life, or where I draw my personal strengths. My scale certainly cannot feel the love I have for my family or friends, or whether I am respected in my community. In fact, the only relationship it can report is my relationship with gravity.

Why do we spend so much time worried about our weight instead of our health? Is it because we focus and fret so much about our reflections? “The outside” ones, the “I just met you” ones, the “I am trying to impress you” or “I am different” ones.

So then, where do we find the motivation to get healthy? Often the scale, of course! Many times, this is where we decide that what is on the outside isn’t measuring up to what is on the inside. It is often the tipping point in our health when our physician and our family become so concerned, that they risk hurting our feelings to tell us “it is time, don’t wait until it is too late.”

So, you go back to the scale, check out your reflection and wonder just which one of the hundreds of books, plans, pills, etc. will work this time. And your mind is completely wrapped around the whole ‘diet’ thing. My experience, and maybe yours as well, is that diets don’t work. Yet, even when we know this, we trudge off to the weight loss wars and fill our kitchens and cupboards with all the ammunition we need to eat healthy, and we stay on board. We cut, we chop, we store, we weigh, and we measure…. ughhh. Oh, and we enter this mission in secret, because it is hard enough to fail in front of ourselves, but it’s really tough when we feel we’ve let others down as well. So, the cycle begins again.

How do we stop this insanity? 

We do it by shifting our goals and developing the skills to arm ourselves with the tools we need for a lifetime of healthy living. Standardly, when we consider weight loss, we only talk about what we are losing and never enough about what we are gaining. What if our thoughts were focused on what we get, instead of what we lose? Consider this thought, ‘I want to reach a healthy weight, so I can hike with my children and grandchildren any time I get the chance.’ With a positive goal like this, you can move toward pleasure and away from pain.

As health coaches, we have the privilege to share our weight management journey with others. Listed below are the most successful tools our team uses to help others reach and maintain their weight loss goals.

You need to first understand that you are not on a diet. A diet has a beginning and an end. To be successful, you must develop habits that will last a lifetime. Everyone falters. Keep moving forward. Seek support. Without a doubt, the most successful people are those who have a support system with multiple layers.

Enlist the help of a coach.

Having a health coach who is dedicated to your success is important in reaching your weight loss goals.

Educate yourself.

To maintain your body efficiently, you need to read the owner’s manual. We recommend Dr. A’s Habits of Health by Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen.

Ask family and friends to support your goals.

Get a weight loss buddy.

Influential YOU.

Having a positive effect on those around you helps you stay motivated and on track.

Have a series of goals.

Have a set of clear goals. Define what you want and why it is important. Does it open the door for future goals? For example, “I want to lose 15 pounds to reduce my blood pressure and feel better. And once I have lost this weight, I will be able to begin training for a 5K.”

Have a plan that is simple, safe, affordable, sustainable and early measureable success. Work with your coach to develop a plan that fits your lifestyle.

Engage in positive self-talk.

Scale HelpWhat you say to yourself fuels your determination. Celebrating your successes daily will keep you on track and highly motivated to reach your goals.

So, back to the scale.

Remember, no matter what the scale says, somewhere someone wishes they weighed what you do. Respect that thought.

Congratulate yourself based on the actions you take to make your life healthier and happier. After all, it is the best gift you can give those who love you!

Shonna Perry is a C.O.P.E. Certified Take Shape for Life Health Coach with Perry4Health. Three years ago, she reached a healthy weight using a proven system, and lots of support! Today, Shonna, her husband Richard, and a dedicated team of health coaches offer support and accountability to hundreds of Coachella Valley residents.
She welcomes your questions and can be reached at 760.217.6169 or [email protected].

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