Shay Moraga’s combat with the big C is being chronicled in Desert Health, and is a valuable contribution.

Her cancer is now in remission, which is glorious news after all she has suffered.

Her battle has been challenging. In addition to medical intervention, she prevailed with her courage, persistence, her love for life and always positive attitude. Through it all, the support of her friends, “Shay’s Warriors,” and her family never wavered; they were always by her side, bathing her in their positive vibrations.

The entire universe, everything in it or on it, possesses the powerful energy of vibration. Invisible vibratory waves crisscross through space with no boundaries in infinite consciousness and awareness. Vibration is also the source of intuition.

Vibration is measured in frequencies. The scientific units are Hertz, the name of a German scientist who made important contributions in the field of electromagnetism.

So much for the science.  What does it mean?

Have you ever had a feeling a person close to you is thinking of you and connected at this very moment? Have you met a person and experienced an immediate connection? Have you planned on calling someone and that person calls you first? That is vibration of compatible frequencies – rarely just circumstances.

Have you had an intuition that something positive or negative may happen? The vibration of intuition is likely the cause.

“I have had moments when I thought about somebody, picked up the phone to call them and they are on the line already, and I think that maybe there is some vibration, some connection.” – Clint Eastwood.

Sound is vibration. It is the frequency of the music played for our brain to perceive the sounds as pleasing, calming or unsettling.  The sound of music impacts our moods and reaction.

It is a fascinating subject, relevant on many levels, and much information and musical examples are offered on Amazon. A few of my favorites include  Binaural Brain Beats – Subliminal Systems and Solvegio Harmonics. To induce and deepen sleep, test the compositions of Steve Halpern: Sleep Soundly or The Best Music for Sleep. Listen as you drift off to sleep.

Meditation is also vibration in action used to enhance awareness and mental acuity with lasting benefits for mind and wellbeing. The practice is thousands of years old and may be shrouded in the mystery of the guru teachers on the mountains, living in solitude with years of disciplined practice. In our western reality its practice focuses primarily on breathing and awareness. To pursue the many advantages, only consistency is essential. The free app 10% Happier by Dan Harris provides an easy introduction to calming the mind through meditation.

Shay is a spiritual being. She is a yoga teacher and meditation guide.

We are lucky to know her and these thoughts are dedicated to her health and happiness.

George Adolph can be reached at [email protected].

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