Today I had the honor of visiting a dear friend who wasn’t feeling herself. She is hardly ever ill, has eaten healthy her entire life, and is my greatest inspiration. I brought her a beloved avocado which, thanks to her, I now eat daily. We spoke about nutritious foods keeping you well, getting the girls together again soon, the beautiful Desert sun shining through the windows, and the many colors of Palm Springs which she notably helped shape.

“You don’t have to grow old and sick like so many do,” she said. “You just have to eat well.” Her inspiration was nutrition expert Gaylord Hauser, who during the 1930s inspired her to go grain- and dairy-free.

May 5 marks my friend Edith Morrey’s 106th birthday. She has always been a picture of health and lit up when I told her that “this health and wellness thing” is finally catching on.

“It also helps if you love where you live.” She certainly has loved her life in the Desert and I could listen to stories for days…

For all of you inspired to live healthier, the Desert is a great place to be and this is a great time to be here.

In this issue, we celebrate much that has been accomplished and the progress which is underway. We review the achievements of the 5-year Health Matters Initiative (pg. 1) and the launch the CVB health and wellness destination campaign (pg. 1). We applaud the Desert Healthcare District’s “One Coachella Valley” expansion (pg. 3) and the Alzheimer’s Association’s broad study on lifestyle interventions (pg. 4). We are also thrilled to see students learning functional medicine (pg. 23) and cancer patients learning qigong (pg. 21).

Living a healthy lifestyle that works for you takes self-awareness and education. In Desert Events, you will find many activities and lectures to help you along your journey.

Remember to cherish every day and to nourish your mind, body and soul. It will serve you well along the way, and help you to be grateful until the very end.

With love and sunshine ~
Lauren Del Sarto
Lauren Del Sarto

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