You’re invited to a holiday gathering and want to bring an easy awe-inspiring appetizer. You know most offerings will be more decadent than diet-conscious and are trying to stay on track through this busy social season. It’s time to get creative! 

If you can dream up a holiday scene, you can build it with fruits and veggies. 

Consider colors that represent the season. For Thanksgiving, natural hues like dried fruits, apricots, nuts, seeds and sweet dates portray fall’s harvest complemented by rich colored cranberries, blueberries and purple grapes. Honey comb and natural jams are delightful toppers, while whole walnuts and cinnamon sticks help set the stage for the “oohhs and aahhs.”

Raw vegetables make a perfect fan-tailed turkey. Half circle of cucumbers, carrots, peppers and broccoli create the multi-colored tail topped with an apple body, walnut beak and peppercorn eyes. A more sophisticated option? Vegetables lightly grilled with salt, pepper and olive oil, served chilled. 

Christmas colors call for strawberry, banana Santas, cauliflower snowmen and zucchini, broccoli or kiwi Christmas trees. Tri-color bell peppers and cranberries dazzle as décor, while rosemary makes a wonderful alpine blooming with tomatoes and cheese. 

For individual bites, consider thinly sliced zucchini as a durable wrap for just about anything – from goat cheese and flavored sprouts, to red pepper strips and herbs. Garnish with red currants or cranberries for that extra holiday touch.

Staying on track starts at home. Sharing your nutritious lifestyle with friends is one creative mind away!

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