Far Infrared therapy bed

Far Infrared therapy bed

We live in a toxic world. Our air, water, land, and foods are loaded with toxic chemicals. A recent study of infants (blood drawn from the umbilical cord at birth), indicated that the average child at birth had over 250 different toxins. From an evolutionary perspective, these toxins are a relatively recent problem. Our current level of toxic exposure outstrips our body’s natural elimination mechanisms. To stay healthy and strong in this chemical-ridden world, it is essential to help the body increase its ability to remove harmful and potentially deadly chemicals. One solution is regular, effective, comprehensive whole body detoxification with Far Infrared (FIR) treatments. These treatments can be accomplished either by sauna like devices or bed type devices. Both work and both have their uses.

Infrared heat applied from a massage device can increase blood flow and the flexibility of the body’s connective tissue to temporarily decrease joint stiffness, pain and muscle spasms as well as the pain from arthritis. Moreover, the massage action of these beds also relaxes the muscles, and increases blood and lymphatic circulation, aiding in both healing and detoxification. The FDA has approved devices such as our ThermaJade multi-function physical therapy tables for exactly these uses.

Heat treatments, such as a sauna, increase the pulse and beat volume of the heart in response to the heating of the body. Surface vessels dilate as blood is shunted from internal organs to the surface, which improves the flexibility of blood vessels, particularly peripheral arteries. The deep tissue heating facilitates cardiovascular rehabilitation as the repeated shunting of blood to the skin surface enhances oxygenation and encourages the formation of new blood vessels.

Unlike a traditional sauna that uses heat to warm the air, which in turns warms your body, a FIR sauna uses invisible far infrared light waves to create heat. “Far” describes where the infrared waves fall on the light spectrum. The FIR sauna heats your body directly without warming the air around you. Because it produces these results at lower temperatures and the user’s head is outside the heat area so one can breathe room temperature air, the FIR sauna is ideal for people who can’t tolerate the heat of a conventional sauna or experience claustrophia. FIR saunas are also used fully clothed and comfortable for longer periods of time for enhanced results.

According to research reported in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology users of FIR saunas were able to improve blood flow and circulation, and reduce the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and other associated health conditions. Lower cholesterol and lower triglycerides were also reported.

Far infrared wavelengths have other beneficial properties. They lower lactic acid (the acid that accumulates and causes pain in muscles when you have overdone exercising), stimulate endorphins and can kill bacteria and parasites. They penetrate tissues, detoxify cells by vibrating ionic bonds, stop swelling, improve lymphatic flow and blood circulation, and attract calcium to cell membranes where it is needed for healing. The elimination of toxic metals such as mercury, cadmium, and others in the arteries through FIR sauna use helps reduce inflammation and brittleness of the arteries, which are major causes of plaque formation and heart problems. Physicians from the Mayo Clinic published studies in the Journal of Cardiology using the highest-risk classification of congestive heart failure patients to demonstrate the safety and therapeutic value of the far infrared sauna. Not only did these serious end-stage heart patients tolerate the FIR sauna, but they had no side effects from it.

Furthermore, in getting rid of chemicals that were the underlying causes of their diseases, they improved their heart function, something that the latest surgery and drugs was powerless to do for them.

Diane Sheppard is a licensed acupuncturist with a Ph.D. in Oriental Medicine. Dr. Sheppard trained in both China and the U.S and recently opened AcQPoint Wellness Center in La Quinta. 760-775-7900 www.AcQPoint.com

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  • Would you please tel me how long shall I stay in sauna for back pain or diabetes problems also send me table treatment of others diseases
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