Most Americans who experience day-to-day discomfort or pain will seek out a primary care physician who will run tests, administer a pain shot and/or write a prescription for temporary relief. Others will reach for over-the-counter pain gels, oils and creams which can reduce inflammation and pain and help with recovery; however, many don’t have long-lasting results.

There is a new paradigm shift taking place in the world of sports and medicine called pulsed electromagnetic field technology, or PEMF. The simplicity behind the therapy is that it delivers a specific signal that helps to increase circulation to small blood vessels (capillaries) that make up 75% of total circulation. PEMF increases circulation at the cellular level enhancing the delivery of nutrients, red and white blood cells, and oxygen to those cells for self-healing and relief that lasts. In addition, PEMF enhances detoxification of waste products which helps build stronger tissue allowing the body to heal faster. It has been shown to enhance concentration, mental clarity, relaxation, strength, physical fitness and energy.

Nikola Tesla was the first modern individual to be recognized for manipulating electromagnetic fields for health purposes. His methods and patents in the early 1900s were also used for electromagnetic medical devices.

PEMF therapies are available in both high and low frequency and there are benefits to both frequency levels. We use the Bemer which offers both. My athletes have done exceptionally well with performance using a higher intensity prior to exertion and then, after an event, going back on the Bemer at a lower intensity to flush out toxins. Many amateur and professional athletes utilize these devices for performance and recovery.

The technology is painless and easy to use. Although it is yet to be FDA approved, many PEMF devices on the market have a Class 1 distinction deeming them safe.

Veterinarians were actually the first health professionals to use PEMF for healing injuries like broken bones in race horses; now it is commonly used on smaller pets as well. Doctors from many different disciplines have witnessed the benefits of PEMF for patients, and the technology is being used in hospitals across the nation.

PEMF is being widely used as a safe and effective therapy to assist the body in healing itself, and its many applications in the medical and sports industries are certain to grow.

Visit this page for more on PEMF for health and healing.

Michael K. Butler is co-owner of Kinetix Health and Performance Center. He is a licensed physical therapist assistant, a certified strength and conditioning coach with the highest distinction honors, a full body active release therapist, and a writer and publisher of over 100 articles, books and magazine contributions. He can be reached at (760) 200.1719 or at [email protected].

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