In this issue I want to highlight a tool that is growing in popularity in the fitness community and helps people become stronger and more flexible – the TRX. I have the privilege of working with one of the only Certified TRX trainers in the desert, Nik Obert, so I asked Nik a few questions to clarify what TRX is and why we should consider using it. Here’s what Nik had to say —

Q: What is the TRX and how can it help people get into better shape? 

A: It’s the latest and greatest in the world of suspension training. TRX stands for “Total Resistance Exercise.” You use your own body in everything you do. Whatever the exercise – squatting, pushups, pull ups, bicep curls – you are using your own body weight as resistance. The motto of TRX is “All Core All the Time,” which means that no matter what you do, you are using your entire core for each and every exercise. Anyone can use the TRX, and we can make any multitude of exercises easier or harder by simply changing the angle of your body or adjusting foot position. The TRX increases flexibility, range of motion, joint function and overall strength.

Nik Obert demonstrates TRX, used as Total Resistance Exercise

Nik Obert demonstrates TRX, used as Total Resistance Exercise

Q: Has TRX demonstrated proven success as part of a training program? 

A: TRX is being used in the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, for physical therapy and by our troops overseas. It is a vital tool in the golf world. Titleist has actually named the TRX as their official training tool.

Q: How have your workouts changed since becoming TRX certified?

A: Previously I did typical strength training, but I always felt like my flexibility and core strength lacked. While I was deployed to Iraq, a fellow soldier introduced me to the TRX. I started to incorporate TRX movements into my normal training routine and immediately saw the difference in my core strength and flexibility. Once I left the Army and moved to the desert, I decided to introduce TRX to others who could benefit from it.

Q: You have many new fans. Any closing remarks about TRX?

A: If you want to try something new, exciting and challenging, come try a TRX class. Classes range from beginner to advanced. If you already own a TRX and want new workout ideas, visit where I post numerous workouts and exercises.

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