When it comes to pain and bodily dysfunction, there seems to be a positive shift from doctors’ visits for prescribed medications towards natural healing modalities. However, with so many alternative therapies on the market today, it is sometimes difficult to know where to start. And many would never think of turning to tuning forks.

When you hear ‘tuning forks,’ you might think of a device that tunes musical instruments. While this is true, these powerful instruments can also be used to tune the human body and have been for centuries.

All humans have their own particular frequencies, which include our organs, cells and tissues. These frequencies can be altered or “reset” by musical instruments. Vibrations occur in our cells when certain sound waves penetrate the body. Because our bodies are made up of 70 percent water, sound waves can be absorbed very well throughout the body (sound resonates four times faster in water). The vibration within our body can potentially bring about improved health by making the body and immune system stronger. We call this healing through sound and vibration cellular resonance therapy (CRT).

How does it work? Our bodies are constantly trying to achieve balance of the energy known as Qi (“chi”) that travels through pathways in our bodies called meridians. When energy gets disrupted or unbalanced, and these meridians cannot properly do their job of nourishing the body, symptoms and illness may follow.  With tuning forks, sound waves travel through our energy fields, working to establish new patterns of balance while ridding the body of irregular patterns responsible for tissue damage and illness.

There are techniques of CRT using different tuning fork frequencies for specific organs. Through the process of tuning, the organs heal. The tuning fork’s pitch depends on the length of the sound wave, so picking the right frequency from the tuning fork for that specific body structure is crucial for the treatment to be successful. 

Some of the known benefits of cellular resonance therapy include improved circulation, lower blood pressure, increased energy, the reduction of acute and chronic joint and muscle tension, reduction of pain and swelling, promotion of deep and balanced breathing, DNA repair, cell rejuvenation, voice healing,  balanced emotions, stress reduction and improved hair, skin and organ health.

Tuning forks are an effective, alternative approach to healing mind, body and spirit. The therapy is comfortable, safe and a relaxing way to tune into – and tune up – your body. 

Michael Butler and Dr. Angel are co-owners of Kinetix Health and Performance Center in Palm Desert. Butler holds a state license as a physical therapist assistant and national certifications of distinction through the NSCA as a strength and conditioning coach. Dr. Angel is an internationally recognized naturopath and creator of Tune & Heal (USA) and The Sound Academy (Europe). For more information visit www.tuneheal.com or call (760) 200.1719.

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