Although Father Time says it’s autumn, Mother Nature seems to have a different opinion. With temperatures still cresting over 85 degrees, one may find it frustrating to put together a fall outfit that doesn’t cause heat stroke, yet is a bit more substantial than strappy sandals and a billowy maxi dress.

Fellow fashion icon and fitness guru, Natalie Corona, and I have highlighted five fall fashion finds that will help you effortlessly transition into autumn attire.


Pantone announced that “Tawny Port” was THE color for fall, and since our weather, besides being very warm, is also perpetually sunny, we chose a muted burgundy that does not feel heavy amidst the palm trees and bright skies. If burgundy is not your thing, instead, reach for dove grey, peacock or navy, which are also featured colors on this fall’s color line up. Don’t be afraid to mix these fall tones with the soft colors you wore in the summer. One of our favorite combos is blush, also known as “ballet slipper” with any of the Pantone “it” colors listed above.


Nothing hollers autumn like boots. Whether your preference is ankle or knee high, boots are an easy and fun way to transition from flip flops to fall follies. There are so many color and fabric choices when it comes to boots. Keeping a bare leg allows us desert dwellers the opportunity to wear peep-toe booties and corset tie-up shoes throughout the season without worrying about frosty toes. Natalie and I both love a shorter skirt or even denim or leather shorts with suede boots. Boots of all kinds make a decided statement that the holiday season is here.


With the Valley temperatures dramatically dipping after sunset, layering is a great way to go from chilled to cozy. Natalie chose a fall-colored flannel that is casually tied around her waist to create a cinched-in waistline. A plaid shirt in flannel or cotton blend gives a cool vibe when watching weekend football games or strolling down El Paseo with family or friends. I chose a wool blend shrug left open to give the casual knit dress a sturdier and more dressed-up appearance. A textured shrug or cropped sweater is a fashion forward choice when meeting with friends or co-workers for an impromptu happy hour at one of our favorite outdoor eateries in the heart of Palm Springs.


Since we will not be routinely adding a shearling, wool or fur coat to our fall repertoire, fringe accessories are the perfect way to add substance and the swing factor to our warm weather fall outfits. In our pics, Natalie has fringe on her boots that give a playful and grounded look, while I have donned a fringed belt that gives another layer of weight and movement that we have come to love in traditional fall styling. Fringe-infused totes, clutches and satchels are all the rage this season…especially in fun fall colors, like Grenadine, a poppy red that claims to look great on everybody and yet another easy way to bring an autumn vibe to our warm fall climate.


As our days get shorter and soirees get more plentiful, this season’s fall make-up trends are a fan favorite to showcase our lean toward impending festivities, all while keeping us cool…in more ways than one. Natalie and I are wearing a warm nude lip color, which is always in style no matter the climate or time of year. However, to step up the sizzle factor, warm chestnut, silky mauve and candy apple red are so ‘right now.’ Try adding a matte finish to bring your conquer-the-world factor up a notch or two. Not into bold lips? Then experiment with a unique eye color, such as a bold chunky eyeliner in peacock or cobalt, or add mountain shadow hues, like terra-cotta and deep rich mocha onto your upper eye lids. Surprisingly, all the tips mentioned above work on a multitude of skin tones and eye colors.

When you feel a hankering to drink apple cider and hot cocoa, but need to blast your A/C to do so, remember that you can easily add a fall flair to your summer wardrobe by choosing more saturated colors like burgundy, throw on a pair of suede or leather booties, grab a fringed bag and layer your outfit with a flannel or nubby textured vest.

Regardless of what autumnal accents you apply, the most important time-tested trend is to never leave the house without an unmovable belief in yourself, loving kindness towards others, and an attitude of gratitude.

Elizabeth Scarcella is a holistic lifestyle counselor and functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner. For more information, visit

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