Since early adolescence we have been primed to focus on our physical appearance. The world identifies who we are through our coiffed exterior presentation, and we spend a lot of time and money polishing the image others see. 

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 Imagine a world in which the interpersonal work to which we dedicate time is met with society’s deepest bow of adoration. The benefit of introspective work allows for deeper understanding of ourselves and then radiates out to others with whom we come in contact. 

Self-care is marketed everywhere, and we can become sidetracked into imagining it is a bubble bath or necessary pedicure. But as we grow and evolve, many of us search for more radical self-care, deeper intentional work to develop personal emotional sovereignty. This experience can lead to a deeper sense of self-discovery, self-acceptance and personal empowerment. 

In my own search, I discovered SoulCollage, a self-care tool created in the ’90s by therapist Seena Frost. I found it to be a beautiful gift to help people explore the multi-faceted parts of their being. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When we take time to sit quietly and curate photographic and artistic images that speak to us, we can create personal collages that embody individualized energy. The inner wisdom is brought to light when we allow this card to speak to us. We ask a question of the card, “Who are you?” We start the dialogue by looking deep into the nuance of the card and listening. With the preface to the answer, “I am one who…”; we write down all the answers that come to us. 

This is where we begin. It is an insightful prompt for journaling or collaborating with another like-minded partner in dialogue. A common experience is one of astonishment and fascination as to where the “I am one who…” messages originated; it is as if the card unlocked something stored away in the soul.  

We each have many parts to ourselves, and our inner tapestry has many nuances. SoulCollage touches upon the personal story of who we are and our larger story of why we are here. The collage cards we create can whisper to our soul and help point us to our future. As we explore the deep wisdom of life’s precious resources, we are gifted with enough stardust to light the world. 

Jennifer Di Francesco is a wellness explorer and certified SoulCollage facilitator and can be reached at [email protected]. For more information, visit

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