The fact that humans are multi-parted beings is nothing new or trendy; it is quite old, and yet, our disregard causes so much pain and disappointment. 

There is a positive movement in the western world towards treating illness in a more holistic way. But are we ready to accept and act upon the fact that we all carry a “higher spirit,” our “true self,” inside of us? That within each of our bodies exists a mind, ego and spirit? Are we really convinced that this is not just esoteric chitchat, but that this higher spirit within is our true identity? 

Embracing this fact is not only about reading, hearing or blindly believing the words; it is about taking steps towards finding the truth in these words for ourselves. Then, with our readiness to develop higher consciousness, our life instantly has a more significant meaning. It can be a lifelong process as many have described, including American psychologist Abraham Maslow, who, in his later years, adjusted his well-known hierarchy of needs placing “finding knowledge of holistic and inclusive levels of human consciousness” at the top.

Often, we are ready to step forward as we get saturated with experiences and material values or undergo sickness, pain, or disappointment. These places of “disease” can be the best motivators to gain readiness in making progress, to leave our comfort zone in search of that holy grail, that heart of gold, that unconditional never-ceasing source of inner harmony and peace – nowhere else to be found but inside of us.

Now, what can I do by myself? As an individual, I can start right away with freeing my mind, slowing down, and practicing holding myself in stillness, calmly observing and distinguishing my thoughts and their source.

Most of our thoughts which contain fear, peculiarity or any other kind of separation, arise from our ego. Sooner or later they cause unpleasant situations as we place our belief in them. We must learn how to detect and deny fear by simply not letting it enter our minds. But, to dissolve it properly, we should also face the fear that is often present. 

We have become so filled with worries that they contradict our true beauty and perfection, so now the truth has to await our recognition. That truth is harmony, warmth, safety, unconditional love and inner peace, which we all somehow have experienced before. True thoughts always contain compassion and affection, and true feelings always arise from our higher spirit located in the area of our heart or stomach, which keeps us connected with that glorious and universal power.

With our mind, we have the right of volition to choose, experience and gain knowledge in whatever we want to believe. This process all takes place within our individual bodies, and yet somehow, we are all connected as one. 

At the end of the day, it is our ongoing humble strive to gain clarity and purity through self-awareness and the conscious communion through our higher spirit with something greater that lets us find deep rest and true satisfaction.

Jens (“Yenz”) Christian Springmann is the founder of Satisfied Being – Meditation & Mindfulness studio in Rancho Mirage and can be reached at (760) 636.0557. For more information visit

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