What are your goals in life? I find that my aspirations become simpler with each passing year. 

In my 20s as a passionate young professional on Wall Street, I planned to climb the corporate ladder and rule the world. Then New York got the best of me, so I moved to San Francisco. From there, my journey took me south where that big city kid had sworn she’d never live because the pace was too slow.

How I love that pace now, and in my 50s, my greatest goal is to simply evolve as a happy human being; to greet each day with a smile knowing that all is well; and to feel grateful that the work I do is helping others.

We are blessed to receive letters and emails from readers who have found answers on our pages or have been introduced to a practice that has enhanced their lives. These days, those words are enough for me.

One of the first quotes which drew me to this path was from Oprah Winfrey who said, “The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the person you were intended to be.” I meditate with her and Deepak many mornings and know that this practice alone has certainly helped  get me to this peaceful place.

I truly feel that I am living my wellest. Sure, there are challenges to overcome as I have shared this year, but I greet each day with a smile and a true solace in my heart that I am on the path the universe has planned and everything is well.

Wherever you may be, we hope you find words of encouragement, inspiration and action on these pages. 

It truly is time to bring your best self forward and to live your wellest. Our valley has so much to offer you.

Enjoy the journey. I’m grateful and honored to be a part of yours.

With sincere appreciation ~

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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