Live your Wellest

Live your Wellest. Your journey starts here.

September ushers in many new beginnings – and one of them could be You.  In Greater Palms Springs, September is time to Live Your Wellest. Time to pause and take care of mind, body and soul. Time to recharge from those hot summer months and reinvigorate for the busy season ahead.  It’s easy to do… Read more »

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What are your goals in life? I find that my aspirations become simpler with each passing year.  In my 20s as a passionate young professional on Wall Street, I planned to climb the corporate ladder and rule the world. Then New York got the best of me, so I moved to San Francisco. From there,… Read more »

Your health Matters by Janet Zappala

Your Health Matters

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) affects approximately 1-2 percent of Americans. It’s a chronic disorder that can render those suffering with it helpless to do anything about unwanted and repetitive behaviors and thoughts that won’t go away. Symptoms, which can begin gradually in childhood, and vary in severity throughout one’s life, include an uncontrollable thought or… Read more »

Advancements in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

The world of prostate cancer diagnosis has changed significantly over the past thirty years. One of the most notable advances of the past decade is the development of a new biopsy strategy that uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Developed in part by the doctors and scientists at Coachella Valley’s Desert Medical Imaging, the MRI scan… Read more »

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Preparing Sports Medicine Professionals:

The Palm Springs High School Academy for Learning Medicine (PALM) offers its students the opportunity to explore medical careers, but the work of the students in the academy is not limited to just the traditional school year.  Academy students take Sports Medicine I and II as juniors and seniors, respectively. Throughout this course, the students… Read more »

Today’s Teeth Straightening Options

A beautiful smile and straight teeth are something for which many people aspire. If your teeth aren’t as straight as you would like them to be, orthodontics are a great option to improve your smile.  Traditionally, metal braces were the only option to straighten teeth. We now have multiple options available, though each has pros… Read more »

Developments in Regenerative Science

New developments in stem cell clinical science could mean more options for patients seeking cell therapy. Stem cells are involved in the ongoing process of cellular repair for injuries related to toxins, aging, trauma, disease, infection, damage, radiation, and many other conditions associated with our existence on planet earth.  Today, the only FDA-approved stem cell… Read more »

Shay’s Story

Survivors’ Guilt and Gratitude

On July 15, 2019, I celebrated my third Cancerversary (a special word in the cancer world to celebrate another year of being cancer-free). It reflects the day that I finished chemo, weekly doctor appointments and that safety net of support. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful to be alive, so I… Read more »

Imaging Doesn’t Show the Whole Picture

If I were to show you a picture of a telephone, could you tell me if the telephone was ringing just by looking at the picture? No, and you cannot identify the cause of low back pain by solely looking at imaging such as an MRI or X-ray. A recent study had a patient with… Read more »

The Art of Dying Well

Benjamin Franklin said that nothing in this world is certain except death and taxes. Since some people do not pay income taxes, death has become the only certainty. No one gets out of this world alive. Given that inevitability, you would think that all of us would prepare for dying. Unfortunately, that is far from… Read more »

You Can’t See Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is invisible. Unlike noticing you need glasses because your vision is blurry, we can’t see hearing loss, but those around us often notice it. It is hidden in the inappropriate response to a question, in the request for someone to repeat what they said, or in the complaint that people need to stop… Read more »

Celebrating Naturopathic Medicine

Those who have discovered naturopathic medicine often consider it life changing. Many seek the practice when allopathic medicine runs out of answers or to complement conventional care. Others consider their naturopathic doctor to be their primary care physician preferring the body, mind and spirit approach to medicine.  A licensed naturopathic doctor attends an accredited, four-year,… Read more »

How Do You React to “Taking Action”?

When it’s time to “take action” on something, what are the thoughts and feelings that overcome you? Is it fear and anxiety, or excitement and enthusiasm? When we are called to action, many of us are energized to put our nose to the grindstone and dive all in. However, for others, the mere thought of… Read more »

When Positive Thinking Doesn’t Help

It’s common for those who suffer emotionally to receive guidance to think positively. While this guidance is well-intended and might help in the short-term, some find themselves frustrated when they are still dealing with the same emotional state months or even years later. This makes them feel like they must not be thinking positively enough.… Read more »

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Embracing the Benefits of Wellness

Many of us never stop to think about our health until something goes wrong. But  developing and maintaining healthy habits – even for as little as an hour a week – can go a long way toward cultivating a wellness lifestyle meant to keep your body working.  Wellness is more than simply feeling good; it’s… Read more »

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A Walk Among Trees

Summer is an ideal time to ascend to higher ground by way of the Palm Springs Tram to commune with nature. This journey is a reprieve from triple-digit temperatures in the valley and, at the same time, affords us an opportunity for healthy exercise. It’s also an invitation to observe the fascinating ability of trees… Read more »