Those who have discovered naturopathic medicine often consider it life changing. Many seek the practice when allopathic medicine runs out of answers or to complement conventional care. Others consider their naturopathic doctor to be their primary care physician preferring the body, mind and spirit approach to medicine. 

A licensed naturopathic doctor attends an accredited, four-year, graduate-level naturopathic medical school and is educated in all of the same basic sciences as medical doctors. He or she also studies holistic and nontoxic approaches to treatment with a strong emphasis on preventing disease and optimizing wellness.

The industry’s national celebration takes place October 6-12 during Naturopathic Medicine Week sponsored by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP). During the week, naturopathic clinics in our valley will offer special events and promotions and encourage you to stop by, ask questions, and get to know the emerging – and effective – world of natural medicine.

Locally, the Live Well Clinic in La Quinta will feature a blood drive on Tuesday, October 8, and an open house on Thursday, October 10, with food, vendors, giveaways and mini-lectures, and daily specials posted on their Facebook page. Optimal Health Center of Palm Desert will also have an open house October 10 offering vitamin shots, swag bags with free gifts and samples, healthy food and drinks, and an educational talk on auto-immunity. Pure Health of Palm Springs will be offering half off their Pure Restore IV therapy for first time patients and True You Medical of Palm Desert will offer $10 B-12 shots daily and 25 percent off all vitamins, protein powders and herbs. On October 8, Dr. Ortiz will present a complimentary talk, “Alzheimer’s and Dementia: A Natural Prevention Protocol.” 

We are proud to honor our local naturopathic doctors. Stop by to meet them during Naturopathic Medicine Week October 6-12. Please contact each clinic for more information.

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