A Review by Lauren Del Sarto

El Morocco Inn and Spa

When my husband and I travel abroad, we enjoy the B&B experience. We appreciate local décor, true to the culture, with exquisite detail and a proprietor that makes you feel at home. But lately, traveling abroad has given way to the economy and busy work schedules, so we were delighted to spend an evening in Morocco… just 30 minutes away from home.

El Morocco Inn & Spa is one of Desert Hot Springs’ magical little resorts and perfect for a night or weekend getaway. With its authentic décor and exotic flavour, the El Morocco transports you to another land and is a wonderful, affordable escape.

Much of this is due to the El Morocco’s proprietor, Bruce Abney, who has been consulting with boutique hotels for 20 years. When Bruce decided to open his own place, he didn’t spare any details. All the colorful interiors, fine bedding, artwork, and even the Sultan’s tent in the garden, were flown in from Morocco. In the community living room, Casablanca plays continuously next to the ambient fireplace. Complimentary wine and ‘Moroccotini’s’ are offered to guests in the evening around the pool bar and a bountiful continental breakfast with pressed coffee awaits you in the morning.

There are two mineral pools available 24 hours a day, one under the clear desert sky and one under a romantic Moroccan canopy. This was the first time we had experienced 24 hours of dips and lounging in our local mineral springs and the effects were truly astounding. We felt cleansed to the core — bright and alive – and came to understand the magic of these waters. (We are very lucky to have this natural hydrotherapy available to us here in the Valley!)

El Morocco is a great little escape. Enjoy the elegant Sahara Suite or the exquisite Sultan’s playpen. Pack food and beverages for the weekend and settle in – you have no reason to leave your cozy and friendly surroundings.
Packages include the Romantic Rendezvous, Girlfriend’s Getaway, and Day Visits. For more information email Bruce: in[email protected] or call (888) 288-9905. www.ElMoroccoInn.com

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