Another season is upon us and I can tell it’s going to be an exciting and fun-filled adventure! With the fourth quarter dubbed “The Wellest Season,” it has already begun.

As I write this, the World Series is in game 2, Wanderlust’s Wellspring comes to town this weekend, and our first gala is a week away. It’s just the start of a full calendar presenting opportunities for all to educate, congregate and celebrate!

Our Wellest Season includes the holidays and what better way to take part than to give the gift of health to family and friends. It’s a heartfelt offering to be enjoyed for a lifetime. You’ll be inspired by the many ideas on our pages.

The New Year is right around the corner and I am honored to be receiving two awards this January: Women Leaders Forum’s Trailblazer Award to be presented at their annual fundraiser, Women Who Rule, and the Health & Wellness Influencer Award from the Palm Springs Health Run Fitness Expo. The work these organizations do in generating funds for others is commendable and we are delighted to take part.

To receive this recognition is beyond my dreams and expectations and I am deeply grateful. I am proud of what we have built with Desert Health and so very honored to be of service to our wonderful desert community.

Wishing you happy, heartfelt and healthy holidays.

From our growing family to yours ~
Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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