Hello, Friends ~

My goodness! Who would have ever thought 2020 would find us so far apart, yet so close at heart in circumstances beyond our wildest imagination? 

The sign above sits on our counter as a constant reminder of the patience and compassion we all need to have with each other right now, and also a reminder to laugh often. The funniest thing? After beating cancer last year, I bought a 2020 planner with BEST YEAR EVER emblazoned on the front (sigh). 

I do believe many incredible things will come out of this tumultuous time. You’ll read about many that already have in our front page story “Pause and Reflect.” But the journey certainly has been challenging. 

Lauren and Dad (Bob)
Golf was his passion. Dad went to college on a Francis Ouimet scholarship, worked in the industry, played his entire life, and loved visiting during our local tournaments.

To make matters worse, I lost my beloved father in March. He was the healthiest 81 year old I knew playing golf daily and shooting his age (or better) an impressive 170 times. He counted. Of course he did. That was my Dad. 

In January, he was diagnosed with a large glioblastoma (brain tumor) which shocked us all. There were a few signs – forgetfulness, trouble lining up putts – but the diagnosis came out of the blue. 

We were very close and I rushed to his side to try and save him with all my research on natural therapies including the keto diet, essential oils and herbs to complement his radiation. I even introduced the old soldier to meditation and breathe work which helped to calm seizures he faced. 

But the tumor was too big and we lost him March 6. He instinctively knew he was leaving and asked that I fly back immediately. I took a red-eye to Georgia and was there when he woke the next morning. We shared our last day in the sun. The next morning EMTs were taking him to the hospital. We were blessed to be by his side 24/7 sleeping in the hospital and then the hospice home. My heart breaks for those facing these same circumstances today. It is truly unfathomable.

My father made a graceful exit at just the right time, limiting his suffering and ours. On my birthday, March 15, I received an electronic card from him which he made and scheduled on February 22. He signed it with the mantra I recommended and he repeated often, “I am happy. I am healthy. I am at peace.” I will cherish this card forever.

Columnist George Adolph

We lost another great man this year, Desert Health contributor, George Adolf. Since 2013, George shared life as an octogenarian in his column “Time Flies.” With humor and passion, he helped us understand the beauty and challenges of an experienced life. His work lives on and can be found at www.DesertHealthNews.com. Our heart goes out to his wife, Carol, and their family. Go in peace and fly, my friend.

We evolve most fully when we learn to accept change and to celebrate it all. Through the good times and bad, life goes on. We lose loved ones and others are born. 

We certainly want to celebrate baby Rose Hastings, who arrived April 15 to proud parents Nick and Katie Baumann. Even with this miraculous event taking place, Dr. Nick made time to send in his article for this issue, so please enjoy, and thank you, Nick! 

We cherish each and every one of you and thank you for reading Desert Health. We would not be here without the continued support of our marketing partners. So, when you visit their establishments, please thank them as well.

May you find peace and happiness in this day and the many days to come.

With sincere appreciation ~
Lauren Del Sarto
Lauren Del Sarto

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