Compassion Love Laughter

Accepting Change

Hello, Friends ~ My goodness! Who would have ever thought 2020 would find us so far apart, yet so close at heart in circumstances beyond our wildest imagination?  The sign above sits on our counter as a constant reminder of the patience and compassion we all need to have with each other right now, and… Read more »

Vibration and Healing

Shay Moraga’s combat with the big C is being chronicled in Desert Health, and is a valuable contribution. Her cancer is now in remission, which is glorious news after all she has suffered. Her battle has been challenging. In addition to medical intervention, she prevailed with her courage, persistence, her love for life and always… Read more »

How Was Your Summer?

We hope you made some time to recharge your batteries and create lifelong memories. Tom and I had a fun-filled summer that included a first-time trip to British Columbia. We were enthralled by Vancouver, Whistler, Victoria and the little beach town of Tofino, and brought back a new appreciation for western Canada. While we expected… Read more »


Years ago when Desert Health’s Publisher, Lauren, lost the horse she loved, it touched memories in my heart about the departure of an equine companion. Horses rank high as the most sublime of all animals, wild and domestic. These magnificent creatures combine strength with grace. Horses became a symbol of power and royalty. I expressed… Read more »

Food Shopping

Life was simple in my early childhood. My retired grandparents’ small farm, east of Berlin, was my home in the turbulent years of 1932 to the 1940s. The village was surrounded by verdant farmland, managed forests of deciduous and coniferous trees, and crystal clear lakes teeming with fish. On our small piece of land my… Read more »

Time Flies

You have no doubt noticed that we live in chaotic, yet amazingly potent times. Our style and manner of thinking, acting and responding are undergoing a revolution. At no time in history has mankind experienced so many fundamental changes. A shift is underway as we try to function in a climate where everything is increasing… Read more »

Time Flies…Tempus Fugit

We had never seen a Tesla automobile, but its sleek design, understated elegance and electric motor caught our attention. Taking the Tesla for a test drive was a memorable experience. The auto handles like a dream. The acceleration is powerful and smooth. The interior is luxurious yet practical, and the electronics are state-of-the-art. Then we… Read more »

Senior Moves

Exercise promotes health. It also makes us feel good. We should keep our body active. That is the theory. But doing so takes work and perseverance.  With advancing years, the degree of effort increases exponentially. What was easy when we were younger is now more challenging than we care to admit – and yes, often… Read more »

Write For You

The desire to write can emerge in any phase of life, and it deepens as the years advance. As the decision to write is made and the process evolves, memories become a catharsis of remembrance and feelings. The experience is wonderful and expanding. Writing is a powerful tool for self-discovery and for learning in general.… Read more »