Local Experts Offer Tips on Preventing Memory Loss

dr chris flores

Dr Chris Flores

Eisenhower Indian Wells Healthy Living Resource Center is pleased to present Use It or Lose It: How to Maintain Your Brain, a free lecture on Tuesday, October 18th at the Annenberg Center for Health Sciences at Eisenhower Medical Center.

Over 300 people of all ages attended last year’s event to learn about what happens as our brain ages and how lifestyle factors–diet, exercise, intellectual activity and meditation—can impact our brain’s ability to function.

This year’s panelists, including Christopher Flores, MD, board certified family medicine physician, and Hugh O’Neill, stress reduction specialist, will discuss the latest breakthroughs in understanding how we can strengthen the brain and increase cognitive ability. Panelists will present an integrated approach to brain health care and prevention to assist in alleviating dementia and memory loss.

“Research is proving that many healthy lifestyle behaviors like regular exercise, Mediterranean-style diet, not smoking and stress reduction practices, can significantly reduce our risks of suffering from memory loss and dementia as we age” says Dr. Flores. “Keeping an eye on cardiovascular risk factors like high cholesterol and high blood pressure are also important prevention strategies.”

Hugh O'Neal

Dr. Flores will discuss updates on nutritional supplements and active ingredients in products like Huperzine-A, Procera, and Prevagen; cutting-edge research involving cognitive training software; the role of dopamine in brain health and memory; and new research on meditation and memory/cognitive function.

This year’s event will also feature a free Health Expo presented by Desert Health[sup]®[/sup]. Meet many of the practitioners featured in this issue and others with specific products and services aimed at enhancing brain health.

Use It or Lose It: How to Maintain Your Brain will be held October 18th at Eisenhower Medical Center’s Annenberg Center. The Health Expo presented by Desert Health[sup]®[/sup] will take place from 12pm-1:30pm and the auditorium lecture will take place from 1:30pm – 3:00pm. For more information please call 760.568.1234.

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