Lauren Del Sarto

September/October 2011

As we near the end of a mild summer and celebrate the upcoming season, let’s each take a look at how our lifestyle affects our physical well-being. I have to admit that lately, my workout routine has given way to a busy schedule. After hearing “take a deep breath” from several loved ones, I stopped… Read more »

How the Housing Market Impacts Your Retirement

Across the United States, home values have dropped in the last few years. The impact is regional with some markets much less affected than others — some of the worst markets have appeared to have bottomed out; great homes in great neighborhoods are still in demand; new housing starts have been at a record low… Read more »

Interns Tour Desert Regional Medical Center

Local Health Care Internships

  Over the past two summers, health care leaders and organizations from the Coachella Valley have stepped up efforts to  ‘Mentor the Future’ by providing local college students with job shadow opportunities and paid internships to support their passion to becoming health care professionals. Through two innovative programs, more than sixty local students studying for… Read more »


S.A.F.E.™ (Support And Family Education) is a resource program established in 1980 to bring programs, education, coaching and counseling to schools and families. SAFEline addresses family life and relationship issues and the SAFEline column is a compilation of many letters and calls to the SAFEline Coach. DEAR SAFEline COACH, We are new to this area… Read more »

Nutritional Deficiencies Caused by Pharmaceutical Medications

Treatment for long-term conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic pain and acid reflux, often includes pharmaceuticals taken over long periods of time, and potentially for a lifetime. While pharmaceuticals may be medically necessary, they often have unknown, adverse, or poorly understood health effects. Though it has been observed that prolonged use of… Read more »

First Accredited Naturopathic College Comes to California

San Diego Selected for Second Campus Bastyr University recently announced that it is establishing a new campus in San Diego and first classes will begin in Fall 2012. “We are thrilled to have secured a location for our Southern California campus,” said Bastyr University President Daniel K. Church, PhD. “To become the first regionally-accredited naturopathic… Read more »

Body Scrubs…Salt, Sugar or Anything in Between

“Massage or body scrub?” Chances are you’d select massage–it’s familiar, feels good and is known to stimulate circulation.[sup]1[/sup] Most of us have only a vague idea about scrubs as a beneficial and rejuvenating body treatment. Body scrubs have been around for ages. The Romans used olive oils to nourish and soften the skin, and massaged… Read more »

Jennifer DiFrancesco

Summer Skin Renewal

This year I had my 39th birthday, and I was feeling the ravages of time in ways such as superficial lines and sun damage. I have been mindful of sun exposure, yet am physically active and enjoy an outdoor desert activity. The early sun exposure, when I was younger and less aware, is also now… Read more »

Complementary Medicine & Cancer Care

A large percentage of people with cancer use some form of “complementary medicine,” which I define as a treatment, practice, or product that is used in conjunction with conventional cancer treatment. Most patients who use Complementary Medicine find that it appeals to their values and beliefs about health and life. This article highlights just a… Read more »

Be Educated About Your Trainer

These days, more than ever before, people are seeking options and education to better themselves. We are educated or “trained” in a variety of areas, from computer applications to sports performance. This has made us better advocates for our own health and wellness. However, in the sports and fitness world, the word “trainer” has lost… Read more »

Dr Kadile

Practitioner Profile: Peter M. Kadile, D.O.

Profession: Family Physician Studied: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 1989 (Marquette University) Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine 1994 (Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine) Practice: Integrative Family Medicine with House Calls in La Quinta Hometown: La Quinta where he lives with his wife Jill, a Certified Pilates Instructor, twin daughters Jasmine and Jade and son, Valentino Professional… Read more »