LaurenFamilyNov14On a recent trip back east to Lancaster, PA, I excitedly embraced the chill in the air, the changing leaves and a landscape rich in tradition. Originally from the east coast, I often miss the history and nostalgia of this region as life in the Desert is so very different. However, so am I – especially when it comes to dietary choices – and I pondered the ability to find healthy cuisine on which I now thrive. Was I pleasantly surprised. Farm-to-table was everywhere. We were in Amish country and it hit me that the way many of us are now eating is the way Americans ate 100 years ago, and there are cultures within some regions that never bought into packaged and processed foods.

Many restaurants were on top of the “new” trend. At a charming gastro pub, I asked if the fried eggplant could be made gluten-free. “Our entire menu is gluten-free,” was the elating answer I received. We had the same experience on recent trips to Arizona and Colorado. It seems that consumers across the country are demanding better (healthier!) choices.

As the holidays approach, so do many family traditions that warm our hearts, but are often contrary to our new, healthier lifestyle choices. As we always have, most of us still make it through the holidays feeling overindulged and ready to “get back on track.”

Why not update some of those traditions to be more compatible with our new state of being? You just may find that they are more in line with traditions of our forefathers 100 years ago. And these new traditions may become warm, familiar traditions in years to come.

The most important thing is to enjoy your holidays. Embrace time with family and friends and make choices to ensure January brings with it a happy and healthy you.

From our family to yours ~

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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